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1. Describe the components of computer-based information systems. 2. Describe the various types of information systems by breadth of support. 3. Identify the major information systems that support each organizational level. 4. Describe strategic information systems (SISs) and explain their advantages. 5. Describe Porter’s competitive forces model and his value chain model and explain how IT helps companies improve their competitive positions. 6. Describe five strategies that companies can use to achieve competitive advantage in their industries. 7. Describe how information resources are managed and discuss the roles of the information systems department and the end users.

Information Systems: Concepts and Management





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WEB RESOURCES Student Web site • Web quizzes • Lecture slides in PowerPoint • Author podcasts • Interactive Case: Ruby’s Club assignments WileyPLUS • All of the above and... • E-book • Manager Videos • Vocabulary flash cards • Pre- and post-lecture quizzes • Microsoft Office 2007 lab manual and projects • How-to animations for Microsoft Office • Additional cases CHAPTER OUTLINE 2.1 Types of Information Systems 2.2 Competitive Advantage and Strategic Information Systems 2.3 Why Are Information Systems Important to Organizations and Society? 2.4 Managing Information Resources

What’s in IT for me?




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Chapter 2 Information Systems: Concepts and Management

Opening Case

Information Technology Helps Johnny’s Lunch Expand
The Business Problem
Johnny Colera opened Johnny’s Lunch ( in Jamestown, New York, in 1936. Johnny’s Lunch became a Jamestown...

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