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-The Social Interdependence theory is when individuals share common goals and each individual’s goal achievement is affected by others actions. Positive Interdependence is a cooperative goal structure and exists when individuals perceive that they can achieve their goals if others they are interacting with have the same goal. The interactions become the positive peer pressure and the aim for advantageous goals. They seek outcomes that are beneficial to all those that are on the same level to their success and same goals.
Through positive peer pressure, adolescents with common goals are promoting the good qualities that they each posses. Through these acts, they're helping each other reach further into their own strong qualities for them to continue with positive actions.

-Adolescents have different relationships with their closest friends than with their group of friends in general. The factors in the relationship with close friends result in having a bigger impact by their pressure on creating positive outcomes. When peer pressure has power over you, it gives you a sense of order to function and with positive pressure, it gives you positive outcomes because of the thought of its benefits.

- As 'popularity' is known as domination in schools over adolescence, it creates an order for them to follow. The peer pressure that occurs gives adolescence a sense of belonging. Therefore, whatever their peers believe is acceptable, they believe so as well and follow them so they don't become outcasts. If the peer group pressures someone to do a positive action, they follow because they need a fulfilment of acceptance. Positive influence and acceptance motivates them to do other positive accomplishments.

-Positive relations between peer acceptance/support create academic success. Social acceptance enhances an adolescent’s motivation and interest in the

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