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September 21, 2015
SWA 3 (Dowd)
“Our Own Warrior Princess” essay was written by Maureen Dowd. In this essay Jennifer has just had surgery and her Aunt is telling the audience about what she had to go through, such as the pain she injured after her surgery. Even though her uncle has already passed, she is the one that is afraid to go through the surgery and is also telling the story. This story is to communicate with those who are in need of people to donate from. This story was attended to those who are unsure or afraid of having surgery or donating anything needed.
There were a lot of details the author used in this short essay. She reffered to Jennifer’s strength to Xena Warrior Princess. She also mentioned how people were afraid to mention that they were donors on their identification cards. The details in this story were very effective because it happens in our every day lives.
In this story “Our Own WarriorPrincess”, the bigger picture is knowing that it is okay to be afraid to go and have surgery. But more importantly, it is okay to go out and save a life. Maureen Dowd transitioned this story into donating when she mentioned, “There was a complicated operation for the two side by side, that lasted from 7:30 a to 10 pm”(Dowd 255).This tells you that there were to people side by side getting ready for surgery and a transplant.
In this story, the author reinforces her argument by letting you know that it is very hard to come across a transplant and lets you also know what some people are willing to go through to get a transplant. Without these two paragraghs some people wouldn’t know the strengths that some people have. The author also wanted you to know that it is okay to be unsure of

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