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Drivers for Change


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Introduction and Background
The business drivers for change in the next decades will be more numerous than in the past. There will be challenges from global expansion, new technologies and new business models. What is clear is that the successful organisation of the 21st century will have to be an agile workforce with ability to embrace and thrive on change. Change management is therefore a critical focus area for Leaders and Managers of visionary organisations.

Drivers for Change
The drivers for change are numerous in a highly competitive and global business context. The expansion of the global economy is assured. With it comes the challenge of conducting business efficiently across different geographical and cultural boundaries, and adopting new business models. Mergers and acquisitions will increase as corporations seek to fast track global expansion. Furthermore the pace of technological development is expected to continue unabated. All of these factors provide the background to change within an organisation.
Alvin Toffler, a former editor of Fortune Magazine and influential voice in business, made the famous comment: 'There is only one constant today and that is change' Tofler made that comment some decades ago, and today the rate of change is phenomenal. No longer can organisations, even in the public sector, sit back and be content with steady state. Every organisation is challenged by change, and competitiveness is determined by the organisation's ability to cope with change.
How is your organisation challenged by change? Identify three areas of major change your business is faced with. So what are the drivers for change? We have mentioned some of the factors that call for change. Here are others - weak business performance, poor customer satisfaction, high rate of project failure, lack of innovation, rapid technology advances, new business

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