Droid Bionic Series Paper

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“All manmade objects are works of art.” About a year ago, I purchased the Droid Bionic by Motorola and have been enjoying the different features that it has to offer. The 4G LTE Droid Bionic is equipped with a dual–core 1GHz processor, has sixteen GB of internal memory, and operates on the Android operating system. This smartphone came preloaded with Google Apps such as Google Maps with Street View, GTalk with Presence, Gmail, Google Books, Google Places, YouTube, Latitude, and Google Calendar; however, other apps can be downloaded from the Android market. It also has a 4.3” HD screen which has the capability to project pictures, movies, and movies with clarity; however, it cannot be accomplished unless a connection is made from the HDMI outlet to your high definition television. In addition to the widescreen, the Droid Bionic has an 8.0 MP camera with improved low light performance and a better contrast than most digital cameras. Besides the camera, it consists of a rear facing webcam for video chat which makes it easier to see the individual you are chatting with. The Droid is equipped with a mobile hotspot that can support up to five different devices; therefore, the internet can be accessed from various locations because of the Wi-Fi capabilities. This smartphone also has a virtual qwerty keyboard which makes texting easier; in addition, it has a battery life of about 10.8 hours.
All works of arts are tools; therefore, they have some type of function and can be classified in many different series. The Droid Bionic belongs in the series of a telephone. The oldest example of a telephone is the rotary phones, which was first used by my grandparents. Besides being a telephone, the Droid Bionic is a smartphone. The Blackberry Curve is an example of the first smartphone ever created. One of the main series this smartphone belongs in is the Motorola Droid…...