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What do you do in case of a blow-out?Steer firmly, take your foot off the gas and brake cautiously.
A flashing red traffic light means:Stop, look and yield before proceeding.
At 20 miles per hour, the reaction distance is:44 feet.
The maximum fine for a person age 21 or older who is driving and drinking alcohol is:$500
When turning left from a three lane, one way street, you should turn from the:Left lane
A solid yellow line on your side of the center stripe means:Do Not Pass
When parking near a corner, you may park your vehicle no closer than:20 feet from a crosswalk
If you are being passed, you should:Keep in your lane
You must always stop when:A traffic officer tells you to.
When you hear a siren coming, you should:Yield to the emergency vehicle.
If you are teaching a beginner to drive, you must:Be a licensed driver age 21 years or older.
You must give a signal either by hand and arm or by signal device:Anytime you change lanes.
If a child ran into the road 60-65 feet ahead of your vehicle, what is the highest speed from which you could stop before hitting him?20 mph
The headlights must be turned on:30 minutes after sunset.
A vehicle should never be parked closer to a fire plug than:15 feet.
A flashing yellow signal light means:Always slow down.
When you are taking medicine prescribed for you by a doctor you should:Ask your doctor if it is safe to drive.
You may lawfully allow an object to extend beyond the left side of your vehicle:3 inches.
Vehicle skids are most likely to be caused by:Driving too fast on slippery roads.
If you are involved in an injury accident in the city, you must notify:The local

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