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During The Progressive Era

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The progressive era was a time of advancement in many areas in the public and also a time that gave birth to many inventions such as the automobile. However, during this time our country faced many other problems. Race and gender played a huge role in the limits of progressive reform because of how society had viewed women and other races that were living in The United States. Women were oppressed as well as different races, especially blacks, who were segregated. However it was during this progressive era where a lot of things changed, especially for woman and we were able to move forward as a country.

Education had a factor for both race and gender. For different races, statistics have shown different levels of education and how important people would take it. Jewish immigrants were seen as smart and took their studies seriously and were therefore more found in renowned jobs like doctors or lawyers. This in turn made the government eliminate night schools to counter this "problem." Women were also forced to take "woman-like" classes such as nursing and teaching. Because of this, progression was hindered because of how oppressed genders and races were in achieving higher education. Education was limited to women, for example, some schools did not accept women. The rate that schools were producing graduates was also hindered with the elimination of night school. Studies that were taken during this era showed results of different races having different levels of intelligence spread across various immigrants and races. Americans started to dislike the surge of immigrants …show more content…
Compared to the white student, the schools were spending 10 times more on them compared to black students. At $1 versus $10, white students were getting a better education. However, the schools budget increased and so did the literacy rates. Along with this, John Dewey invented a new way of teaching to be taught to students and was implemented later

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