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The area of the jewelry industry is similar to a constantly developing dynamic live organism. Every day you can see new rings, earrings, chains and other precious things on the shelves of jewelry stores. There are a lot of interesting ideas due to the invention of cheaper and more attractive metal alloys, synthetic gems and visual solutions. New variations of different gems in a combination with precious metals are a feast for a consumer eye. That is why it is so important to stay afloat in this rather interesting and fascinating area of Jewelry.

Ideas can be directed to the development of the forms of, for example, dangles, hoops, studs and other jewelry as well as to the search for new shades of gems and alloys, which are already known or which are to be discovered. The search and the creation of new synthetic gems and alloys are necessary both for the increase of the attractiveness of jewelry, and for the improvement of the durability and the resistance of alloys to the oxidation in the air. It is also important to create cheaper analogues of gems and metals, which are almost equal to the natural ones in their properties, for the market expansion of diamond jewelry, pearl jewelry and others. After all, it is much more pleasant to have more durable jewelry for lower prices, which will significantly increase the number of customers and, accordingly, sales proceeds.

The one, who will capture the minds and draw attention by his or her innovative ideas of the jewelry art, embodied in unusual rings and earrings, drawing the sights, bracelets and necklaces, sparkling by dazzling combinations of gems, will be recognized by well-founded judges of the beauty and also by ordinary consumers due to the cheapness of the innovative solutions. And the jewelry market won't keep itself waiting, allowing to realize perspective ideas. But it is not possible without the timely

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