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Early Jamestown Chapter 1 Summary

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Have you ever thought how it would feel to live in place where disease are killing many people, along with trying to get along with the natives and to see evil looks from people that dislike you and your colony? This was the time when many colonists came to the Americas to start a new life, which is a place surrounded by mysteries. These colonists leaders made every effort to build a successful colony. The colonists left England and reached the North American shores in April of 1607. These colonists who move here eventually learn many new things such as gaining leadership skills, and to learn to fulfill expectations. One thing that the colonist learned in the early Jamestown experience was to keep away from casualty. The colonists did not know that what awaited from them was a nightmare. In the Americans textbook, chapter 1, section 3 it states that “...the colonists hoped to find gold to satisfy them.” This means that they thought they could live in wealth but the truth is that life is not that easy when you come to place full of mysteries. These colonists suffered from hunger and diseases called malaria. These colonists were not immune to the disease which caused a lot of death. However John Smith has helped the colonist by teaching them how to farm and also to get support …show more content…
The colonists has not really fulfilled any of the expectations of the companies supporting Jamestown. In the Americans textbook chapter 1, section 3 it states that, “...colonial leaders with a number of grievances...frontiers lack of representation body,” This means that the colonists were mostly lazy and did nothing which caused many problems. Jamestown had a hard time staying alive and also made no profit for a long time. They later produce a sufficient income. Do to this experience they also learned some leadership skills. The colonists has learned that a good leader can help any colony to thrive, to

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