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Ecological Impact of International Business on China

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Ecological impact of international business on China

In the last decade, China has undergone veritable economic expansion, but with great cost to its environment. Unregulated production and pollution have resulted in the existence of over 400 cancer villages in China, concentrated around areas of high economic development (Florcruz, 2013). According to the Chinese media, cancer villages are defined as villages where the number of cancer patients is extraordinarily high due to levels of water pollution from industrial activities. Outside of China, the scientific community identifies "cancer clusters" as regions where cancer is more common as a result of the density of cancer-causing pollutants. The proliferation of cancer clusters in China is higher than anywhere else in the world. Cancer is the number one cause of death in urban China, with lung cancer being the most deadly (Liu, 2010).This essay will analyse the rise of China's economy, the environmental effects it has had on present day China, and how it will continue to effect China in the future. It will also discuss several environmental, economic, and legal policies the government of China are currently looking at and changes they need to consider in the future. "China's economic transformation is one of the most dramatic economic developments of recent decades" (Greene, Dihel, Kowalski & Lippoldt, 2006, p. 5). In 2001, the Chinese economy overtook Japan to become the second largest economy in the world behind the United States (Central Intelligence Agency [CIA], 2013). Between 1979-2005, the growth rate of China has been at an average of 9.6% per annum and in 2005, its share in the world goods trade had increased up to 6.4% from less than 1% in 1979 (Greene et al., 2006). China's increased participation in international trade has largely been attributed to its economic growth. Since China's...

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