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A Walk to Remember NICHOLAS SPARKS Prologue When I was seventeen, my life changed forever. I know that there are people who wonder about me when I say this. They look at me strangely as if trying to fathom what could have happened back then, though I seldom bother to explain. Because I've lived here for most of my life, I don't feel that I have to unless it's on my terms, and that would take more time than most people are willing to give me. My story can't be summed up in two or three sentences; it can't be packaged into something neat and simple that people would immediately understand. Despite the passage of forty years, the people still living here who knew me that year accept my lack of explanation without question. My story in some ways is their story because it was something that all of us lived through. It was I, however, who was closest to it. I'm fifty-seven years old, but even now I can remember everything from that year, down to the smallest details. I relive that year often in my mind, bringing it back to life, and I realize that when I do, I always feel a strange combination of sadness and joy. There are moments when I wish I could roll back the clock and take all the sadness away, but I have the feeling that if I did, the joy would be gone as well. So I take the memories as they come, accepting them all, letting them guide me whenever I can. This happens more often than I let on. It is April 12, in the last year before the millennium, and as I leave my house, I glance around. The sky is overcast and gray, but as I move down the street, I notice that the dogwoods and azaleas are blooming. I zip my jacket just a little. The temperature is cool, though I know it's only a matter of weeks before it will settle in to something comfortable and the gray skies give way to the kind of days that make North Carolina one of the most beautiful places in the world.…...

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...Introduction Even though small businesses in Zambia may not generate as much money as large establishments, they are a very important component of and a major provider to the strength of the Zambian local economy .This paper discusses the roles of small businesses in the economic development of Zambia. It aims to shed light on some of the challenges faced by most Zambian entrepreneurs as well as explain how entrepreneurs can develop for themselves a competitive advantage. It will further go on to identify and explain some entrepreneurial characteristics of our local entrepreneurs, while finally shedding light on how business opportunities are created. Role of Small Businesses in Zambia’s Economy According to the June 2010 Zambian Business Survey, it was noted that 80 % of the private sector in Zambia are small businesses with less than 50 employees. “These firms constitute the bulk of private sector employment in Zambia, employing 73% of the total labor force”. (Conway and Shah, JUNE 2010). Small businesses such as car washes, Beauty parlors, restaurants and small scale farmers open way for new employment opportunities and serve as building blocks of Zambia’s largest establishments. Not only do these small businesses offer employment opportunities, they also in turn assist in addressing some of Zambia’s key economic challenges such as Poverty reduction as well as increasing Government revenue collection. Additionally, small businesses in the agricultural sector...

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...agriculture and certain industries such as sugar refining and textiles. In fact, agriculture alone employs roughly two thirds of the labour force” (University of North Carolina, 2015). With most of the infrastructure demolished by the earthquake, Haiti took a significant hit to their manufacturing capabilities. However efforts have been undertaken by foreign countries to aid Haiti and rebuild their manufacturing capabilities. Unfortunately, the effect is slow. According to the World Bank, the amount of people who live at or below the poverty line is 58.5% in 2012 (World Bank, 2015). However, the outlook is positive. Foreign development projects include: Support for Haitian Entrepreneurship which includes supporting “microbusinesses, and small and medium-sized enterprises” by increasing accessibility to technical support and finance; Health Services for Women and Girls which includes training of midwives and construction of maternity centres; and Housing Action Project (Champ de Mars) which responds to the need to resettle citizens affected by the earthquake (Government of Canada, 2015). Finally, the country of Afghanistan is a low income country which has been devastated by war. Under the Taliban regime the country suffered over decades. Unfortunately, although the country was liberated in 2001 and has been progressing well, many of its citizens suffer from “shortages of housing, clean water, electricity, medical care, and jobs” (Central Intelligence Agency, 2015). A......

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... Group Assignment Critical Review of a Proposal Assessment of Role of Micro and Small Enterprises on Economic Empowerment of Women: A survey of Women Operated Urban Agriculture Enterprises in Wukro Woreda, Tigray Group Members 1. Bersabeh Elias 2. Dagmawit Meried 3. Kalkidan Amdie 4. Kalkidan Wubie 5. Maria Alemu June 21/2014 Addis Ababa Content Introduction ? i. Title page * The title page did not have a page number (which is correct) * The purpose of the research was clearly specified as : A Research Proposal Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Master of Arts Degree in Development Studies * Name of the researcher is stated: * Advisor and co-advisors are mentioned * Place, Month and year (December 2011) is also mentioned ii. Acronyms Abbreviation should have come before/at the beginning of the proposal next to title page. (The abbreviations are in alphabetic order, which is correct) The following abbreviations are used in the proposal but not found in the list of abbreviations FAO – Food and Agriculture Organization FDRE – Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia HIV/AIDS – Human Immunodeficiency Virus/ Acquired Immuno- Deficiency Syndrome MFI – Micro Finance Institution MSE –Small and Medium Sized Enterprises NAP-GE – National Action Plan for Gender Equality NGO – Non Governmental Organization REWA – Revolutionary Ethiopian Women’s Association UN......

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...INTRODUCTION There is no universally agreed definition of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Some define them in terms of their total revenue, while others use the number of employees as an indicator. The European Union defines a medium-sized enterprise as one with a headcount of 250, a small firm as one with a headcount of less than 50 and a microenterprise as one with a maximum of 10 employees. The National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI) which is the regulatory body for SMEs in Ghana defines SMEs in terms of both fixed asset and number of employees. It defines an SME as an enterprise with turnover greater than US$200,000 and not more than US$5 million equivalent (NBSSI) The SME market constitutes the vast majority of businesses in Ghana and over the years has evolved to become the key supplier and service provider to large corporations, including multinational and transnational corporations. Principally, SME’s has contributed to: Expanding output; Providing value-added activities in the manufacturing sector; Creating employment opportunities especially in the services sector; Contributing to broadening Ghana‟s export base; Increased competition; Innovation; SMEs are important to almost all economies in the world, especially to those in developing countries. They contribute to productivity and job creation; they serve as a nursery for larger firms constituting the next step for micro enterprises (Palma and Gabriel, 2005). In addition,......

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... How Socio-Economic Programs Impact Contracting Small business plays an integral part of the US economy in job and wealth creation. The U.S. uses the procurement process to advance socioeconomic policies and objectives. As a result, the Federal government has a vested interest in ensuring the growth and health of small businesses by creating opportunities for these enterprises to get a slice of federal dollars through government contracts. Socioeconomic Programs originate from the Small Business Act created in 1953, which declares “it is the policy of the United States that small business concerns shall have the maximum practicable opportunity to participate in the performance of contracts let by any federal agency, including contracts and subcontracts for subsystems, assemblies, components, and related services for major systems” (SBA, 2011). In 1997, Congress established a 23% goal for the awarding of federal contracts to small businesses. These programs, which include incentive, set-aside, and preference programs, give small businesses and small businesses owned by special minority and disadvantaged groups’ advantages in bidding on federal contracts. The following five types of socioeconomic programs require agencies to limit competition on certain contracts to qualified small businesses so that small firms do not have to compete with large ones for the same contracts. Small Business Set-Asides are enterprises engaged......

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...Ghana: Globally, the contribution of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to the growth of national economies is significant. In the developed economies such as Germany and the United Kingdom small businesses are recognized as the main engines for growth and development. Indeed, studies conducted in recent years in developed markets, including the Freedman studies done in the United Kingdom, confirm that small businesses account for the highest number of registered companies and make significant contributions to economic growth and prosperity. In Ghana, readily available data on SMEs is scarce but statistics from the Registrar General’s Department suggests that 92 per cent of companies registered are micro, small and medium enterprises. SMEs in Ghana have also been noted to provide about 85 per cent of manufacturing employment, contribute about 70 per cent to Ghana’s GDP, and therefore have catalytic impacts on economic growth, income and employment. It is estimated that SMEs employ 22% of the adult population in developing countries (Daniels, 1994; Daniels & Ngwira, 1992; Daniels & fisseha. 1992; Fisseha. 1992; Fisseha & Mcpherson, 1991; Gallagher & Robson, 1995 and Kayanula & Quartey, 2000). The sector employs about 15.5% of the labour force in Ghana (Parker et al, 1994), has experienced higher employment growth than micro and large – scale enterprises. Definition of SMEs There is no single, uniformly acceptable definition of a small firm (storey, 1994). Firms differ in......

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...INTRODUCTION Many economic development advocates have stated that for a country like Ghana to come to reach the development heights of the developed nation, they must empower their citizens to break the bond of poverty, which is engulfing them. As the world is gradually becoming a global village most countries in the world are making unending quest to attain a higher level of development that is a type of development where most of its people are employed and are earning enough to subsist and perpetuate its generation. SME’s have an important role on many aspects, such as employment, taxes and innovation that most of times is regarded as something on the responsibility of large firms. In “The Theory of Economic Development” Schumpeter (1934) emphasizes the role of entrepreneur, as a prime cause of economic development, which is development achieved through innovation. Taking this into consideration if the entrepreneur has an important role for development, then this role is achieved through the “institution” that he/she represents. SME activities that would help to propel development and promote the wellbeing of the citizenry most governments are now playing various facilitation roles in collaboration with NGOs and other stakeholders to enable the private sector provide diverse goods and services, including job creation for the people. Many developing countries have shifted their strategic economic focus to embrace the development of an entrepreneural middle-class with......

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