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Education According To Fitzpatrick Summary

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II. The Growth of Rural Adult Institutions: Education brought to the “Masses”

By the late nineteenth century, urban populations were starting to transform Canada into an economically ‘modern’ nation; as a result, the developments of ‘modern systems of education’ were an important part of this project. However, the rural society, including the immigrant labour workers alongside Canada’s frontier, remained isolated and detached from any progressive movements in education. It wasn’t until the influence of various historic actors in ushering change within the rural society using educational reform movements. The most notable actors include Alfred Fitzpatrick and Moses Coady.

Alfred Fitzpatrick and The Frontier College

We must educate the …show more content…
Accordingly, Fitzpatrick argued for the decentralization of the current educational system and moving towards bringing “classes…not only in the schools and universities, but in the shops, on the works, in the camps and fields and settlements of the frontier.” However, although this work demonstrates his commitments to positive and humanitarian efforts of social reform in terms of brining education to the farmers, Fitzpatrick also highlights the need of the “labourer-teacher” to assimilate the …show more content…
Fitzpatrick asserted that, “we must educate the foreigner to our standards both at the frontier and on the homestead…” Through such language, Fitzpatrick creates a barrier between the urban and rural society by ‘othering’ the frontiersmen. As a result, the emphasis on the role of the “labourer-teacher” to assimilate the workmen of the frontier can be one of the greatest criticisms to the idea of the Frontier College.

Nevertheless, Fitzpatrick should be recognized for his role in ushering a social reform movement in order to extend the university to the frontier as tool for social change and a method to educate all men to “grow physically, intellectually and spiritually into the full stature of their God-given potentialities.” . Fitzpatrick’s vision was to see both the need and opportunity for education to be brought to the reach of all – this vision was also shared by Mosses Coady.

Mosses Coady and The Antigonish Movement of Adult

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