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E.E. Cummings
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24 February 2012

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Edward Estel Cummings was not much a modernist as one who dressed up in traditional uniforms (Cummings E.E 4). Cummings was a daring uncompromised and consistent (Cummings E.E. 4). Cummings regarded poetry as not much a product but more as a process (Cummings E.E. 2). The skinny shakings down the page of his poems underscores his vitality (Cummings E.E. 2). With his harsh satirical verse as well as his cerotic poems serve to identify humans as a social inonclast (Kennedy 1421). E.E. Cummings once said that poetry is “the only thing that matters (Authors in Depth 182). Cummings gave people life at a time when they needed it (Cummings, E.E. 4).
Edward Estel Cummings born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1894. (Authors in Depth 182). Cummings is the son of Edward Cummings, a Veteran minister (Kennedy 1421). Also known as an clergy man and professor (Authors in depth 182). Dr. Cummings was a woodsman, photographer, an actor, an artist- and talented in all that he undertook (American Writers 429) Cummings parents were brought together by their mutual friend William Tames (American Writers 429). Mrs. Cummings was a shy woman (American Writers 429). She overcame conventional influences to respond joyously and effectively to life (American Writers 429). While still a child he began to practice toward his goal (Authors in Depth 182). he wrote a poem a day from the age of eight to twenty-two (Authors in Depth 182). By 1918 he began to create a style of his own (Kennedy 1421). From the start he used absurdity to learn the common place to startle readers into “listening” instead of mainly hearing (American Writers 428). Over the next few years the style of Cummings poetry changed very little (Authors in Depth 183).
Cummings was a educated in public schools and at Harvard University where he received an AB, Magma Cumlaude, and a M.A. for English and classical studies (American Writers 429). A Harvard Cummings gad six lectures (Cummings E.E. 4). While still at Harvard University Cummings became intensive interested in the new movement in the visual arts; impressionism, cubism, and futurism, and he began painting in the modern manner (Kennedy 1421). Still a student at Harvard University Cummings stated to experiment with the bold innovations that would mark his poetry throughout his career (Authors in Depth 182). Cummings papers are disposed in Harvard University Haughton library Cummings E.E. 4). At Harvard it spelled out his aesthetic point at view (Cummings, E.E.). Cummings was Charles Eliot Norton professor of poetry for 1952-1953 (Cummings, E.E. 4). In 1957, Cummings received the baleen prize for poetry, a highly convicted award by Yale University (Authors in depth 183).

4th paragraph In the 1900’s Cummings was drafted into the United States army (Authors in Depth 182). When the United States entered the European War in 1917 Cummings volunteered for service in the Norton Harjes ambulance corps (Kennedy 1421). During the war of World War I Cummings reveled overseas as a member of a volunteer corps (Authors in Depth 182). The horrors remembered was the atomic bomb, and the cruel Russian suppression of the Hungarian Revolution ant they made impact in Cummings work later on (Kennedy 122). After the war Cummings went New York City an to Paris, where he studied art during the book about his wartime captivity (Cummings E.E. 1). By 1919 Cummings continued to write verse of a distinctive poetic style (Kennedy 1421). Then during 1930’s and 1940’s Cummings produced four new volumes of poems (Cummings, E.E. 3). In 1931 his trip to the Soviet Union, Cummings published his travel diary called Eimin (Cummings, E.E. 3). With his trip to Russia in 1931 with two troublesome marriages made him change his whole outlook (Kennedy 1422). His strength lay on his sartorial poetry rather than his love poetry (Cummings, E.E. 4).After all that while he was still in France, his pacifist led to his being imprisoned in a French concentration camp (Kennedy 1421). With that experience it formed the basis of his biography book The Enormous room (Kennedy 1421). On his book The Enormous Room Cummings stressed the importance and the dignity of the individual in mass society (Authors I Depth 182). The Enormous Room was a prose account of experience during World War I (Cummings, Edward Estel 262). Cummings wrote about future of art in Anthrops (Cummings, E.E. 4). With his work he experimented with many conventions (Authors in Depth 183).

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