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Effect of Oil Spills

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Nowadays, the oil spills has become the most dangerous to the human and also wildlife. Oil spills is the release of a liquid petroleum hydrocarbon into the environment. It has causes many effect to the environment. The effect of oil spills are damaging wildlife biology, harmful to the human body and threaten commercial fisheries and aquaculture. First, the oil spills damage the wildlife biology. Oil can impair a bird ability to fly and preventing it from foraging or escaping from predators. Some birds exposed to petroleum also experience changes in their environmental balance. Some studies that was conducted by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) found that, less than one percent of oil-soaked birds survive even after cleaning although the survival rate can also exceed ninety percent. Thus, oil spills are very bad to the wildlife in the environment. Other than that, the oil spills also are very harmful to the human body. The composition of crude oil contains Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs), which are very harmful to human nervous system. As the oil directed skin contact, people may easily get the desease such as irritation and skin cancer. Therefore, peoples must prevent from doing the oil spills activities as it may harmful to the human body. Last but not least, the oils spills also will affect commercial fisheries and aquaculture. Oils spills causes serious damage to fishery through physical contamination, toxic affects on stock and discrupting business activities. As a result, the economic will goes down and lead some company bankrupt. In conclusion, the affect of oil spills causes damaging wildlife biology, harmful to the human body and threaten commercial fisheries and aquaculture. Oils spills lead the wildlife and human environment in danger and also make some company loss their profit. As the saying goes by, “ prevention is better than cure” all the society...

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