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Effective College Level Writing


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Strategies for Effective College Level Writing

COLL 100


Strategies for Effective College Level Writing

Included are five good strategies for effective college level writing. According to Carter (2008), "College Students are held to a much higher standard than high school students, even those who are enrolled in an AP course." To help the student write at a higher standard, the student needs to plan for the assignment, avoid writers block, talk about their ideas for the assignment, proofread and revise their assignment, and learn from their mistakes. Planning the student's assignment is a good strategy for effective college level. According to McCutchen (2011), "Planning was subsumed under the broader label reflection, which encompasses problem solving (including planning), decision making, and inferencing." (p. 52). Therefore planning is a critical aspect for effective college level writing. To have a good plan, the student needs to understand the assignment. According to Riedinger (n.d.)"Don not assume that every teacher expects the same type of writing or research or that every assignment, even from the same teacher, will be the same." According to Carter (2008), "Understanding the purpose of an assignment is vital, particularly at the college level where professors will assign a broader range of paper styles." The student needs to read the instructions more than once, go back, and read them throughout the assignment. Getting all the students research complete before a student starts writing is a good strategy towards the planning process. According to Carter (2008), "Completing research for a college writing assignment or academic paper before the actual writing process begins will help students to avoid time-consuming revisions." Writing ideas down, is also a good strategy in the planning process. Creating an Outline

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