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UNV 103: Effective Communication Worksheet

Access and read the “UNV 103: Communication Tool” document inside the Tool Kit, located within the Start Here folder in the UNV 103 Classroom.

Now you have learned what effective communication is and what it looks like. As a GCU student, you will be communicating in various ways for various reasons (for example, academic issues, financial aid issues, and questions for the instructor).

To assist you in learning how to problem solve using effective communication, complete the following:
Questions for the Instructor

When you have a question about the assignment, you will contact your instructor. Make sure your question clearly states the problem and is written in proper tone and grammar.


Poor Question: Where is the rubric for Module 1 assignment?

Good question: Prof. Jones, I cannot locate the rubric for the Module 1 assignment. Can you please show me where to find it in the classroom in ANGEL?

Write out the question that addresses this problem:

Problem: You cannot locate the assignment drop box for Module 5.

Questions for the Academic Advising

When you encounter a problem with your course schedule, you will need to contact Academic Advising. To contact your Academic Advising, follow these steps:

1) Go to
2) Click on the Contact Us tab which is located just above the home page footer.
3) Now scroll down the page and locate Academic Advising. This is where you can contact Academic Advisors with any academic issues at GCU.

Write out a question that addresses this problem:

Problem: You are thinking about changing your major, so you want to ask how changing your major will affect your college credits and graduation date.


Questions for the Financial Counselor

When you encounter a problem with your financial aid, scholarships, or any other financial issues, you should contact your Financial Counselor. To contact your Financial Counselor, follow these steps:

1) Click on
2) Click on the Contact Us tab, which is located just above the home page footer.
3) Now scroll down the page until you locate Financial Counselors. This is where you can find assistance about the financial services provided at GCU.

Write out a question that addresses this problem:

Problem: Your course starts next week, but your financial aid has not come through yet. You are worried that you will not be able to start the course if the financial aid does not come through.


Questions for Technical Support

When you encounter technical problems with your computer within the ANGEL classroom, or if you have software issues, you can contact GCU Technical Support by submitting a ticket. To submit a ticket to Technical Support, follow these steps:

1) Click on
2) Locate and click on the Resources tab.
3) Scroll down the page and click on the Technical Support link.
4) You can contact Technical Support services here or have a live chat with a tech regarding your issues.

Write out a question that addresses this problem:

Problem: You are in the ANGEL classroom and you submit an assignment that is due that night, but the system has crashed.


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