Effects of Broken Home

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By Eweniyi, G. D (Ph.D.)
Olabisi Onabamijo University, Ago-lwoye.

This paper is a report of the study that examined the impact of family structure on the academic performance of university students. The sample for the study consisted of 240 students drawn from the six randomly selected faculties in Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-lwoye. The adapted form of "Guidance and Counselling Achievement Grade Form" was used for data collection and the data collected were subjected to statistical analysis using the t-test statistical method. The three null hypotheses formulated were tested at .05 level of significance. The results showed that significant differences existed between the academic performance of students from single-parent family and those from two-parent family structures. The results also indicated significant differences in academic performance of male and female students compared on two types of family structures. On the basis of these findings, it was recommended that school counsellors should be employed in all schools and that they should provide necessary assistance to students especially those from single-parent family to enable them overcome their emotional concerns.

Over the years, the investigations of the factors that influence academic performance of students have attracted the interest and concern of teachers, counsellors, psychologists, researchers and school administrators in Nigeria (Wiseman, 1973; Sogbetun, 1981). This is because of the public outcries concerning the low standard of education in the country (Imoge, 2002). The declining quality of education in the country and the breeding of graduates with little technical know-how has resulted in serious set backs to the industrial development of the nation. Different factors are capable…...