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Effects of Increasing Minimum Wage


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The Effects of Increasing the Minimum Wage
Jacqueline S. Nock
May 19, 2014

The issue of minimum wage increases has been controversial since the inception of the minimum- wage law in 1938. The minimum-wage law, which includes child labor laws, was put into place to protect American workers from exploitation and poverty during tough economic times (Schuldt, Robert; Woodall, Davis; Block, Walter E., (2012), par.4). Although the law accomplished what it was intended to at the time, increases in the minimum wage over the years have produced higher unemployment rates and higher poverty levels. As the minimum wage increases, employers are forced to eliminate employees who are not working up to the current minimum wage level and hire better-skilled people who are worth the wages they are paid. Increasing the minimum wage causes an increase in unemployment among certain populations for this very reason. Completely eliminating the minimum-wage law is not the solution to the problem, but if the minimum wage remains at its current level for a few more years, it might motivate minimum wage earners to do more to protect their own financial future.
The History of Minimum-Wage Law
President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the federal minimum-wage law into effect in 1938. It was part of a larger bill called the Fair Labor Standards Act. The minimum-wage law was created to protect workers from not being paid a fair wage for the work they perform. It guaranteed workers a fair wage, ensured safe working conditions and covered child labor issues. By creating a minimum-wage law, it was presumed that forcing employers to pay workers a mandated minimum salary would raise the standard of living for Americans and eliminate poverty (Schuldt, Robert; Woodall, Davis; Block, Walter E., (2012), par.4); however, raising the minimum-wage has had a negative effect on society.


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