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Persuasive Essay On Minimum Wage

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Imagine a day, when you are coming home from work, tired and beat down, feeling as if you’ve been worked down to the bone. To make matters worse, you have almost nothing to show for it. Because even though you may work longer and harder than anyone out there, you still only get paid minimum wage. The federal minimum wage is set at $7.25, as of 2009. Over the past 79 years, the national minimum wage has been raised 22 times (Minimum Wage Mythbusters). The wage has been increased due to inflation, or the decrease in value of currency. With inflation, everyday objects cost more than they did 70 years ago. The minimum wage today is less compared to the minimum wage of 1981. The base pay needs to be raised for the good of the people, and the good of the country. Increasing minimum wage in the United States will reduce its poverty, boost economic activity, and benefit and reward …show more content…
The minimum wage increase wouldn’t just affect teens working part time jobs; but people and adults trying to earn a living. Tsedeye Gebreselassie states, “These aren't only teens trying to make some pocket money. Increasingly it's adults who are using this money to support their families." The ones earning minimum wage are the ones who are trying to aid their families. With the minimum wage as it is, a majority of people do not make enough money annually to not be in poverty. According to an article written by David Cooper, “At the current federal minimum wage of $7.25, a parent who works full time, year round, does not earn enough to be above the federal poverty line.” This means that if the minimum wage was increased, it would help so many families to escape poverty and live comfortably. Also, the average family of four with two workers being paid the minimum wage, will end up about $8,000 in debt per year (“Time For A Raise”). The minimum wage is not enough, and increasing it will ultimately lower the poverty

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