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Effects That Music Has on the Body

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How we hear and the Effects that Music has on the Body, Mind and Emotions.
By Ryan Determan
A. Music is the most universal language do to the sounds and beats that can be created and passed on to different people and cultures. B. These sounds and beats that we call music has a substantial influence on our minds and bodies. C. Different kinds of music effect people differently like some kinds of music are calming to the body and mind; while other kinds, excite the body and mind. D. Not only are we affected by the beats and melodies of the music but also the lyrics that are sung. E. In order for me to explain the effects of music on both the mind and body I will use examples of cause and effect and viewpoints of people conducted on surveys including different perspectives.
Body, mind and why
How we interpret or hear sounds 1. In order for us to understand what music is we have to find out what is music and how we hear it. 2. When we hear something, it starts in the form of an air presser wave. a. Then it hits the outer ear where its funneled into the ear canal where it reaches and vibrates the ear drum; from there the presser wave energy is transformed into mechanical energy into the middle of the ear where it vibrates three very small bones simultaneously these bones are called the Ossicles. "These bones create different unique movements that embodies the frequencies that embodies the frequencies contained in every sound in every sound we are capable of hearing." (Feyza Sancar) the mechanical energy from there is transferred through a membrane to the fluid filled inner ear. where it’s transformed back into a presser wave. Where it’s read by the cochlea (a structure with in the ear). The Cochlea contains two membranes which are moved by the wave within the membranes are hair cells…...

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