Emerging It Technologies

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Emerging IT Technologies

Have you seen the Iron Man movies? Imagine working like Tony Stark. On that movie alone, there are lots of ideas that popped out for new technologies. Now, a majority of these are not real. But in the rapid evolution of information technology, that time when we use the stuff Tony Stark uses might be sooner than we think. Here are a few samples of the technologies that are emerging right now:

1. Gesture Recognition

Using gesture recognition and Computer vision control technology, we can make some tasks easier. It is also being used In Xbox 360’s kinect.

This can become quite useful in the future. It is even being considered in the field of surgery – a very delicate field.

In the movies, we can see Tony stark making hand gestures with his UI. It is awesome because the information is displayed right in front of him. He performs a lot of activities with his hands.

Where could we apply this? I can imagine using this technology in manufacturing where small and delicate parts are inspected manually on some departments. Hand gesture could be used with a powerful camera and mechanical arms that allows the inspector to check very small equipment by having it displayed on a big screen, not through a device that looks like a microscope. And using his or her hand gestures, the camera and the mechanical arm can be controlled using hand gestures. That will simplify and make the job a lot easier. The inspection will be more accurate as well.

2. HoloVizio True 3D Display

This technology uses no goggles. The displayed object depends on the viewer’s perspective. It is manufactured by Holografika and is available on the market. This could eliminate the need for 3d glasses in the future.

Who could use this technology? I imagine the gaming industry. There are 3d games already released in PS3 like Batman: Arkham Asylum. However…...

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