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Emerging Trends of Hrm

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Emerging Trends of HRM
Dr.Tulika Singh

1. Globalization
Growing internationalization of business has a significant impact on HRM .the function of hiring, training, compensation, maintenance and so acquires global perspective. The HR department is acquired to cope with problem s of unfamiliar languages, laws, management styles work ethics etc. globalization acquires new skills &therefore managerial training becomes a critical process.
2. Corporate re-structuring
Re-organization resulting from acquisitions, mergers & divestiture has a significant bearing on organizational levels. Employees face anxiety & uncertainty about their places. Changes take place in status, career progress & corporate culture. These mergers & acquisitions are likely to accelerate in future. Internal re-structuring is also gaining momentum as corporate down size & flattens themselves to meet increasing competition from multinationals. As layers get trimmed work load increases & promotional opportunities are reduced.
3. Changing workforce
The percentage of women & minorities in workforce is increasing. Steady increase in the no of white collar employees& increasing education level are other demographic changes in workforce. The emergence of dual career couples reduces individual flexibility in accepting assignments& may hinder organizational flexibility in acquiring& developing talent. It is more difficult to manage better educated knowledge work force.
4. Growing employee expectations
Employee expectations & attitude are changing. Traditional inducements such as job security, compensation, housing & the like do not attack& motivate today’s workforce. Employees want empowerment& leadership by example. The traditional bureaucratic model will have to yield place to a more humanistic model due to changing psychological system....

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