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A Global Perspective of Human Resources

For Dr. Ali Alkahtani

Human Resources: A Global Perspective

Employee engagement and cultural issues have become the first challenge facing HR professionals around the world, according to the 2015 Global Human Capital Trends report, released by Deloitte. The report concludes, “Today’s HR challenges require a new playbook—one that helps make HR more agile, forward thinking and bolder in its solutions.” The report says today’s organizations are facing a new world of work that will require a reshaping of strategies for leadership and talent management. Because culture is the driving force in most organizations, engagement and retention strategies need to be responsive to these changes. However, more than half of survey respondents said their organizations have poor programs or no programs at all in place to gauge or bolster engagement levels. Other issues uncovered by the report include a global lack of leadership succession programs, with only 10 percent of respondents saying they have an “excellent” program in place, and the need for a complete makeover of most HR departments. Only 5 percent believe their organization's performance is excellent, with 22 percent saying their department is adapting to their workplace’s changing needs .

What is happening in HR in 2011? Are we going to see a shift in the way that HR managers are recruiting employees to their organizations, or are we still going to be treading water in a stormy economic climate?

One of the most important trends in HR development has been the increased amount of people competing for available positions from overseas. Companies are looking far and wide for the best people to fill their job openings and this has meant new and diverse ways of using e-recruitment to manage a

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