Employee Empowerment

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Ronda Crispell
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Unit 4 Individual Project
BUSN300-1103B-08: Lower Division Capstone
September 18, 2011

In this assignment the writer is tasked with writing a memo to the manager of the company addressing a recent or current event in the news and discussing the following two theories. First of all, in the area of human resource area, the theory to be discussed is moving toward an employee empowerment culture. The second theory pertains to the marketing area and addressed the theory of penetration pricing. For each of the above theories, the issue being addressed that started employing these theories will be discussed. Also, how the theory being followed leads to specific actions on the part of the company will be identified. The achieved results will be revealed. Lastly, assuming the writer was in the position of senior manager, would the situations have been addressed differently? Other possible theories will also be discussed.

Application of Theories
In the topic of human resources and moving in the direction of an employee empowerment culture, it is first necessary to understand the meaning of this term. Employee empowerment is defined as relinquishing power to the common employee and allowing that employee to make choices and decisions without the approval of management. The level of authority given to the employee is guided by management.
A company that practices employee empowerment is Ford. Issues involving a poor level of employee satisfaction, poor performance by the company, and a strong presence of unions caused Ford to put employee empowerment in place. Ford was also being strong armed by the Automobile Workers Union to enforce this theory (White, 2011).
As a result of this theory being put into action, employees were given many different decision making parts in the company.…...