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Innovation is continual process and embedded systems represent a huge part of innovation in technology in the field of electronics. Embedded systems are found virtually everywhere. Perhaps my first linking to embedded systems was in eighth semester as a part of my curriculum, though I realised later that I was always surrounded by the embedded systems- cell phones, automated washing machines, etc. I was fascinated and amazed to see the embedded systems in all the real world applications. After working for 17 months as technical sales engineer with Arrow Electronics where I supported many embedded clients in different projects my zeal to advance in embedded systems increased. I want to pursue an MS degree in the field Electrical and Electronics Engineering with specialisation in embedded systems which will help to realise my goal to work as a design engineer and take embedded systems to a new height. This will in turn fulfil my ambition of bringing innovation in the development of ESDM (Electronic System Design and Manufacturing) in my country.

Honestly, when I decided to do my Bachelors in Electronics Engineering it was mainly because of my inclination in the subject of physics and mathematics during my intermediate study. Electronics industry in my country is poised to become very vibrant and happening and my goal of contributing to the same further bolstered my decision to enrol for Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics at K.J. Somaiya College of engineering. The curriculum covered all the elements that are involved in embedded systems. The course covered digital electronics, embedded systems and concept oriented techniques like DSP, microcontroller programing, CVAVR, networks and communication and also various robotic concepts.

In the final year of the program I worked on developing a detailed project Ant Simulated Robot. The robot simulated the behaviour of an ant. As an ant searches for food and marks the trail for other ants, our robot searched for metal using metal detector i.e. proximity sensor and marked the trail for other robots. It was also equipped with infrared sensors which used to detect and then avoid obstacles. The standards were marked into the microcontroller. The most important and interesting part of developing robot was to embed different systems using microcontroller P89V51RD2 a 80C51uc which was challenging as well as exciting. Though initially we faced many challenges in embedding different functions into our robot but finally we could incorporate all the desired features of ant like avoiding obstacles, searching and reaching to object “metal” and trailing mark for other robots. The ant simulated robot can be used in large-scale systems, such as city planning and freeway mapping. I also completed various mini projects using microcontroller as a part of my curriculum, where I learned various concepts of intensive microcontroller programming and different embedded technology concepts.

I have also completed Industrial Training at Tata Power Trombay, Mumbai which is India’s largest integrated power company. As a trainee we were taught how automation system is used to manage energy distribution. We also learned how SCADA and HMIs were used for multithreading purposes. Apart from this I gained Industry exposure while working 17 months with Arrow Electronics which is one of the fortune 200 companies. My job profile included handling some of the top firms in the country. I was responsible for end to end client association for about 20 clients, managing a business of around 5 million US Dollars. My profile also included helping in the design of custom made products for my clients which bolstered my desire for higher education. I did not proceed directly to graduate studies after graduating because I wanted to gain some professional industry experience and also wanted to make sure that I had chosen the right subject and the right place before embarking on a course of study that would involve many years of my life. As my profile gave me an opportunity to interact with senior management level executives it helped me become more responsible and sophisticated person with good business and social etiquettes and also the experience showed me how the industry works.
The one blemish in my career was the loss of a year in my 12th grade due to my fathers’ bad health which made me devote my time taking his care and supporting my mother. However I managed to get excellent grades in the entrance exam, which gave me an opportunity to enrol myself into one of the prestigious engineering college of the country. Apart from academics I was also a member of IEEE association. With IEEE I was part of committees which organised many workshops on Robotics like Developing Level 1, Level 2 robots in our college. Aside from working on technical project, I was also a part of dance society which gave me opportunity to showcase my skills in various colleges. During my school days as well I had active participation in all school activities as I was the Prefect of my House.

In selecting Northeastern University, I have done proper research on the course structure, faculty areas of research, research centres. The Microsystems, Materials and Devices course structure under the program Electrical and Computer Engineering matches my areas of interest. I am greatly interested in the research work of Professor-Yunsi Fei and Professor-David Kaeli in field of Embedded System.
I am fully aware of the fact that a master’s degree requires sincerity, devotion and determination. It is belief that I cannot be more prepared or willing to work towards achieving it. It would therefore be a privilege to be able to pursue Graduate Studies with adequate financial assistance in your institution. It is with this in mind, that I look forward to joining the MS in the Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering. My interest and deep dedication to this field instils in me the confidence to meet the vigorous academic challenges that your curriculum would pose.

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