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English portfolio
Anne van Oudheusden

Englisch portfolio

The portfolio consists of eight assignments:
Assignment 1 Radio program…………………………………………………. Page 3
Assignment 2 Cover letter…………………………………………………….. Page 4
Assignment 3 Resume………………………………………………………… Page 5
Assignment 4 Motivation email………………………………………………... Page 8
Assignment 5 Job interview…………………………………………………….Page 9
Assignment 6 Press release………………………………………………….. Page 10
Assignment 7 Essay…………………………………………………………… Page 11
Assignment 8 Summary………………………………………………………. Page 14

Annex ……………………………………………………………………………. Page 15

Assignment 1 Radio program
Anne van Oudheusden
Step 1
Name radio show: The Duchess meets the world
Description show: One girl how meets with people who live in the Netherlands but have a different culture running true their blood
Step 2:
Name: Rodolfo Costa
Place of birth: Belem do Para, Para, Brazil
Lives in Eindhoven from the age of 7.
Step 3:
Belem do Para is a big city in the north end of Brazil. The weather is warm/tropical. Their native language is Portuguese. Brazil is an upcoming economical country but this wealth is centered in the south where the biggest cities are. (Wikipedia 2014)
Brazilians have a warm and welcoming culture it is very different from the Netherlands.
Step 4:
What are according to you the biggest differences between people from the Netherlands and people in Brazil?
If your parents didn’t move to Netherlands and you had to choose between Brazil and the Netherlands where would you live now?
What do you like about the culture in The Netherlands and what do you like about the culture in Brazil.

Step 5:
Audio file USB

Assignment 2. Cover Letter
Anne van Oudheusden
CEAC4B 297 words
The company information is in the annex

Dear sir/madam,

With reference to the advertisement on your website I wish to apply for the position. Your company is very new and fresh with a mission that really speaks to me.

First let me introduce myself; I am a 22-year-old student at the Fontys University. This summer I will in all likelihood graduate for my bachelor commercial economics. I am interested in online marketing and inventing new ways to communicate and excite the client. I am used to work in small teams and I am a good communicator. Therefor I think I could be an asset to your team.

I am enclosing a copy of my resume, which gives details of my qualifications and experience. I have worked as a front office manager during my internship; this position has developed my communication skills. Strong aptitude with MS Office packages like Word, Excel and PowerPoint helps me in decent and organized representation of my work. 

In School I learned to work with Photoshop, prezi, and infographic; this gives me the ability to design online campaigns. I am a quick learner with the computer and an easy adaptor to a new environment. I did a study in Brazil for 6 moths and learned to be away from home for longer periods and adapt quickly. In school I have learned how marketing works especially in the event music and entertainment business. So apart from the plain commercial marketing, I also had lectures about for example live entertainment, Music, Ethics and Psychology of courage.

I hope I have aroused your interest, I would be more than happy to come in for an interview at your earliest convenience. Please contact me at the below address or phone number if you require any further details.

Thank you for considering my application. 

Yours sincerely

Miss Anne van Oudheusden
06 43 20 17 78

Assignment 3 Resume
Anne van Oudheusden

Assignment 3 Resume

Anne van Oudheusden
333 Words
Anne van Oudheusden
Bisschopmasiusstraat 44
5014 PB Tilburg
Phone 013-4555466

Job history
2014-Currently Albert Heijn.
I am working on the Deli department. It is a small team and we work close together. I have been away and came back a few times due to school (my internship and Minor abroad) they are very happy I am working there again.
2013-2014 Voltage Tilburg.
Internship for school, my function was front office. I made trensers and invoices, had direct contact with het costumer and handled al the complains. I have learnt to be very patient with costumers and to listen good to what the costumer wants. My executive told me a good marketing manager never says No to a client anything is possible.
2012- 2013 Albert Heijn.
Deli department, I stopped because I could not combine it with my internship
2009 – 2012 Albert Heijn
Deli department, I stopped because I went to Brazil for 6 moths to study there.
2008 – 2010 Bon Heur Horeca group. My function was a waitress.
2006 – 2008 V&D La Place. My function was making the cakes and drinks
2004 – 2006 Stadsnieuws paper round.

Higher Vocational Education comical economics at Fontys university. Full name of the bachelor is Event music and entertainment studies.
Frist year completed in 2010
Minor completed in 2012,
I have done my minor abroad in Brazil. This was the first time I lived alone. I have learned a lot about myself and the culture, customs and language in Brazil. It was an amazing time and I have had the change to get used to being abroad for a longer time.
Frist intership in 2013
Diploma-Bachelor prospect July 2015

2004-2009 High school
O-level at the 2 College Cobbenhagen

At school I have learnt to use several programs such as Photoshop InDesign and PiktoArt. I am also familiar with SPSS, all the Microsoft programs and plane ware. My languages are good particular my English. German and French at a beginners level.

Assignment 4 Motivation letter Anne van Oudheusden
CEAC4B Words 441 Dear mister Sejin Kwon,

In response to your email I have written a letter with my motivation to come to Dongonk University in Seoul, Korea. If you have any more questions after this email I am more than willing to elaborate more or make a Skype appointment. Hereby my Motivation letter:

During my education we get the change to study anywhere in the world to develop ourselves more as a person, build a strong personality and make us able to work and live across the world. I would like to go abroad for my minor to develop my languages; because of my dyslexia I always had trouble with English and learning other foreign languages. Study abroad will provide the perfect environment to push myself to speak English and not be scared to make mistakes.

Also I want to learn how the cultures of other counties and I do not think this is possible during a vacation; you really need to live in a country to learn about the daily live of the local people.

I am interested to see how the business culture works in Korea and how the people interact with each other during for example meeting or solicitations. Every country has his own customs and I think that if you are doing an international study like myself, it is important to know how to do business with people all over the world. I know from my preparation to look where I wanted to study, that Korea and the Netherlands are very different in their way of doing business. That is why I would like to go to Korea so I can learn about the differences in the business culture.

Finally you asked me to elaborate more about my preparations to come to Korea. I can keep my job here in Holland and will still get some money monthly. Also I will get my scholarship and I have saved around 3000 euro. Because of research on the Internet I know that live in Korea is cheaper than in Netherlands so I am not worried that I will get money problems. If I do get money problems my dad can always help me.

I hope to have informed you well enough to make sure you will chose me to come to Korea. In school there are a number of exchange students from Korea and I have spoken to them about there home. One of the students is living in a guest home here in the Netherlands and has offered me a place to stay at her house in Korea.

Kind regards

Miss Anne van Oudheusden 06 43 20 17 78

Assignment 5 Job interview Anne van Oudheusden

20 possible questions: 1. What are your best qualities? 2. Are you a team player? 3. What did you learn in your time in Brazil? 4. Why did you go abroad? 5. What are your weaknesses? 6. Describe yourself in three words? 7. How would you describe your personality? 8. What do you like to do in your free time? 9. What are your hobbies? 10. Why would we choose you for this function? 11. Why did you apply for this function? 12. Why do you like our company? 13. Do you have any problem with traveling? 14. Do you have a relation? 15. Describe your career goals? 16. Describe your work style? 17. What challenges are you looking for in your next job? 18. What do you expect from your supervisor? 19. How would you handle it if you knew your boss is wrong? 20. What have you learned from your mistakes?

Elaboration on the Audiotape:

My Boyfriend asked me a few questions from the sheet I gave him.
Tis audio file is also attached in the USB.

Assignment 6 Press release Anne van Oudheusden
CEAC4B Words 233

Jennifer Lohands staring in the ABC movie

By Anne van Oudheusden
October 10, 2014

Burbank, California-Word is out on who is going to play the lead in the new ABC movie this winter. Jennifer Lohands going to play an out of control housewife that makes heads turn. Co staring as the husband is J.I Brown. The young and up coming actor was a real surprise move and it is going to be interesting to see if he can make it on the big screen.

‘The movie called Madly Malicious is a new aged work of art that is going to be a big success among the big crowd’, sad so by ABC studios. It’s about a young housewife and her newly wed husband that move to a quite neighborhood to start a family. Soon the husband will find out that his wife has other plans for the future. This romantic movie will soon turn in to a true horror story when the truth comes out.

The production of the movie will start this winter and will be done in the summer. Where the premier will be is still a secret, most likely somewhere in Los Angeles. ABC studios is very promising about the new movie and if this is a success there is word of a part 2.

More information is expected to be released on August 20, 2014.

Assignment 7 Essay Anne van Oudheusden
CEAC4B 1509 Words
My Generation

This paper is about the generation that is graduating from their business education now and is put out in the world of professionals. They have a unique insight about the movements of the market and upcoming trends.

Millennials, roughly those born from 1980-2000, (Wikipedia 2014) are often criticized as lazy and entitled. We all want to make it big without working hard for it and think we deserve a raise every year even if we do not work hard for it. While that may hold true to some extent, millennials are also the most adaptable, creative generation in history. Today's 80 million millennials are coming of age where they are put into the business world. Technological changes and globalization will forever change how we live and work. Job security is a thing of the past we never work long for the same boss. This is something that is new. Back in the days you could easily stop working for the same boss as you started working for 40 years earlier. And the education system isn't delivering in the way that it should. With so much unpredictability, this generation has learned to adapt in ways their parents never could have imagined — even if they are living in their parents' basements. We live longer at our parents and do not rebel against them. We are friends with them and look up to them.

Below are five key arguments from Stein about why millennials will save us all:

‘They believe they can change the world’. The millennials may be a little narcissistic, but they're so self-confident, they believe they can change the world. This is a typical way of think if you look at the fact that they are lazy and do not want to work hard.
‘They're so convinced of their own greatness," Stein writes, "that the National Study of Youth and Religion found the guiding morality of 60% of millennials in any situation is that they'll just be able to feel what's right." (Amiee Groth 2014)
‘They don't believe in hierarchy’. Our gradation has no problem skipping over rungs of bureaucracy, or creating an entirely new system so they can avoid it completely. Because they do not believe in hierarchy they do not rebel against authorities. This also comes back in the way they see their parents. They do not rebel against them. Many people will say that our generation is just spoiled and does not rebel because their parents give them anything they want. But this is just and illusion. Our generation is constantly looking for ways to make their lives easier and more comfortable; Getting along with their parents and living longer at home is just a part of this. ‘They are the most threatening and exciting generation since the baby boomers brought about social revolution’ not because Our generation trying to take over the Establishment but because they're growing up without one," Stein writes. (Amiee Groth 2014) ’They're resourceful and adaptable’. Today’s young people know that the Great Recession, technology, and globalization has changed the future of work forever. And they're adapting. "What idiot would try to work her way up at a company when she's going to have an average of seven jobs before age 26?" asks Stein.
‘They want to have a sense of mission’. Our generation does not care about money as much as they care about working with a sense of purpose. This is a huge game-changer. Especially since work is now 24/7 vs. 9-5, young people want to at least find value in what they do. This is a refection of the fist point Stein makes. They believe they can chance the world.

‘They think before they act’. Instead of just blindly accepting what's in front of them, young people carefully consider their choices.

Stein writes that "Gary Stiteler, who has been an Army recruiter for about 15 years, is otherwise more impressed with millennials than any other group he's worked with. 'The generation that we enlisted when I first started recruiting was sort of do, do, do. This generation is think, think about it before you do it,' he says. 'This generation is three to four steps ahead. They're coming in saying, 'I want to do this, then when I'm done with this, I want to do this.'" Ultimately, millennials believe that they deserve something better, and they're not afraid to create it themselves — which is why they're the "most threatening and exciting generation," ever. (Amiee Groth 2014)

What can marketers learn from generation Y or the so-called Millinions?

Millions are a lot harder to win over. Our generation is a more selective in what they expect of brands. Formed by technological developments (especially the internet), the growing economy and different parenting, our generation is used to having to choose between 10 different brands that all make the same product. This makes our generation very picky. Brands who do not meet the expectations are never to be heard from again.

Convenience. Our generation are people who go for products that are easy. We only want the products that make our lives easier add to this that good services are a necessity. Beside from this our generation usually chooses the brand that operates in the entertainments scene. It is imported that they can identify with this brand and it has to add something to the world of tomorrow. Green is hot at the moment. It does not matter so much that the brand is more expensive if it is more than just a pretty look. The meaning behind the brand is also important. (Joel Stein 2013)

Recommended. Our generation is less known with brand and the identity of brands. The reason why is because our generation is always looking for new content. Something that is inspiring and new. Online it is easy to find the new trend, but this is not the way our generation usually finds out new things. It is meanly peer-to-peer recommendations. Our generation does not believe the commercials these days anymore. We are more connected with each other and we want to hear each other’s opinion about everything. Commercials in new papers and magazines do not reach our generation. Our genaretion does not buy the news anymore but watch it for free on our mobile phones. While our generation spends more time on media consumption (average 8 hours that is 15% more than other generations), a large part on a 'multitasking' and 'media meshing' (simultaneous use of different media types) manner consumed where it is harder to get attention and hold it for a moment. On demand without interrupting advertising, that is what our generation wants. All forms of online and digital media types are fast risers. Through social and community platforms our generation can at any time express, share opinions and keep in touch with friends. For this, they often use smartphones, so they will never be cut off from friends or content. This need is so build in that many people from our generation get anxious if they do not have their phone with them

Less traditional. Although our generation still uses traditional media, they do so less often and for shorter periods. The large range of media thereby lose enormously in this group: the youngest group our generation spends 37% less time on television and 29% less time on radio than the average Dutch consumer. The traditional way of watching television is reduced to social activities and seeing 'fear of missing out "programs (events, sports and talent shows). Music is increasingly via online radio (41% for Gen Y versus 27% for other generations) and listened from services like Spotify and Soundcloud. Remarkably although our generation is critical towards advertising, they just notice grants a more important role. 46% thinks that brands can improve the quality of life and especially make our lives easier. In older generations, this percentage is 40%. Also 28% of our generation thinks that brands work hard for their name while 20% among older generations thinks this. This can be explained by the fact that our generation is more educated in marketing and sales than the older gerations. While our generations is willing to pay more for brands that meet their requirements and expectations.(Rianne Phillipsen 2014)

This summarizes the new professional generation in a nutshell. We are fast moving lazy and are constantly looking for new products and new ways of thinking. We care a lot of what order people think and the most about what we our self think and are not afraid to share it with the whole world true social media. It is a fast changing world because the technology allows us the do so. For many generations this is very confusing. But our generations have learnt to adapt to new situation fast and easy. This comes back in everything they do but the most in the fact that they change jobs so easily and do not mind working all over the world. This generation is well educated and has seen the world before turning fifty. I am proud to be part of this generation

Assignment 8 Brief

Anne van Oudheusden
CEAC4B Words 228

Executive summary my generation

People who come new into the professional world have a unique insight on the current market. People how work in the market might overlook the new trends for quite some time. Therefore I conduced research and an essay about the market trends that I think are most important.

The last few years it was al about connecting with the big crowd. Reaching a lot of people in a short amount of time. But together with the trend of the need to be unique not only as a business but also as a customer there are changes in the way of doing marketing.

It is becoming more and more important to reach the costumer personally and establishing a relation with the costumer. This will also mean that the product will be personalized and unique.

To make this happen a company will have to make more effort into getting to know the costumer and what their needs are. If this is accomplished the costumer will get a high rate of costumer satisfaction and will be more likely to come back.

The new generation is a hard crowd to please. They are more loyal to a brand but is harder to win them over. It is important the brand will come up with new content en most important will make the life of the costumer easier.

Annex assignment 2

eoplexs is recruiting an International Marketing Manager for The Netherlands and the Nordic region. Reporting to the Director of Marketing, and based in our office in the Hague, you will be responsible for the development and execution of all marketing programs for those markets.

Your responsibilities will include the following:

Develop and implement strategies for marketing campaigns, promotions, exhibitions, congresses, new product launches etc.
Manage TalentSoft events, and manage participation to industry tradeshows and conferences.
Agree on priorities with local sales management to maximize sales growth opportunities.
Put in place leads generation programs in collaboration with local sales team (webinar, emailing, phoning).
Localize and adapt TalentSoft communications (press release, brochures, in-country website, etc.) to local markets.
Keep an eye on media and social media, and work with the web marketing team to ensure we pick up important signals and that our message gets out there.
Maintain excellent professional relationships with customers and channel partners and build your own database of clients, prospects and partners. Act as a team player within the Marketing team and share best practices with functional and regional marketing managers.


* Completed HBO level of education or higher * 3 to 5 years of experience in B2B marketing (high tech, software or consulting industry). * Good knowledge of digital marketing tools. * Experience in setting up and running events and campaigns * Native-level Dutch language skills, good command of English and ideally of another European language, preferably Danish, or Swedish. * Deep knowledge of the Dutch business landscape. * Ability to handle multiple projects concurrently, and work effectively under regular pressure in a constantly changing environment. * Entrepreneurial and resourceful approach, with the habit of assuming ownership and getting things done. * Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills. * Willingness to travel (30%).

Annex Assignment 7

Read more:
(Aimee Groth (9 May 2013) Why millennials will save us all) (Joel stein (May 20 2013) Millenials the me me me generation) (Pauline Bijster (May 23 2013) Dit is mijn generatie de Yolo generatie) (Niels van den Dungen (7 januari 2014) ‘ Advies aan mijn generatie schop jezelf onder je kont en maak keuzes) (Inger van Nes Volzin (1 Januari 2013) ‘ Mijn generatie doet het gewoon zelf’‘mijn-generatie-doet-het-gewoon-zelf’-inger-van-nes.html

(Rianne Phillipsen OPINIE (29 april 2014) Voor generatie Y is optimaal presteren niet het hoogste) (Stefan Hazenvoort (24 juni 2014) Hoi ik ben een milenial) (Jasper Mulder (26 september 2014) Generatie Y loyaler maar lasting te veroveren)

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Sich Vorstellen / Introducing Oneself

...sich vorstellen / introducing oneself * Mein Name ist ..../ Ich bin .... / Ich heiße.... - My name is ... / I am ... / I am called ... * Ich bin .... (Jahre alt). - I am ... (years old). * Ich komme aus .... - I come from ... * Ich spreche Malaiisch, Englisch, (Kantonesich, Mandarin, Arabisch) und ein bisschen Deutsch. - I speak Malay, English, (Cantonese, Mandarin) and little bit German.  * Ich studiere an der Multimedia Uni(versität). - I study at Multimedia University. * Ich bin (noch) ledig. / Ich bin noch nicht verheiratet. - I am (still) single. / I am not yet married. * Aber ich habe eine Freundin / einen Freund. - But I have a girlfriend / a boyfriend. * Ihr Name ist .... / Sein Name ist .... - Her name is.../His name is... * Ich habe eine Schwester/zwei - ..... Schwestern und einen Bruder / zwei - .... Brüder. - I have one sister/two-...sisters and one brother/two-... brothers. * Meine Schwester heißt ..... / Meine Schwestern heißen .... - My sister is called.../My sisters are called... * Mein Bruder heißt ..... / Meine Brüder heißen ....- My brother is called.../My brothers are called... * Meine Schwester ist ..... (Jahre alt). / Meine Schwestern sind .... (Jahre alt). - My sister is ... (years old) /My sisters are ... (years old). * Mein Bruder ist ..... (Jahre alt)./ Meine Brüder sind .... (Jahre alt). - My  brother is ... (years old) /My  brothers are ... (years old). * Mein Vater ist .... von Beruf./Mein Vater...

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...Bafoussam-Kamerun Abschluss : BEPC „Brevet d´Etude Premier Cycle“ „Lycée Bilingue de Baleng“ Bafoussam-Kamerun Gymnasium „Lycée Bilingue de Baleng“ Bafoussam-Kamerun Abschluss : CEP „Certificat d´Etude Primaire“ „Lycée Bilingue de Baleng“ Bafoussam-Kamerun Grundschule 2008-2010 Juni 2008 2003-2007 Juni 2003 1995-2003 Sprachausbildung Seit Okt. 2011 Vorbereitungskur zur Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (DSH) am Sprachenzentrum der Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg Mittelstufe I (B2) am Goethe-Institut Jaunde-Kamerun Zertifikat Deutsch (ZDAF) am Goethe-Institut Jaunde-Kamerun Juni 2011 Jan. 2011 Sprachkenntnisse Muttersprache: Fremdsprachen: Französisch Deutsch: gute Kenntnisse in Wort und im Schrift Englisch: gute Kenntnisse in Wort und im Schrift Ausbildung 2010-2011 Im Rechnungswesen: Software Sage Saari bei WinSoft Informatique in Bafoussam-Kamerun Karate (Sport) an der Budo-Karate-Club in Bafoussam-Kamerun 2006-2009 Nebenbeschäftigung 2008-2011 Sept.2009- Juni 2010 Radiomoderator Kommunikationsleiter im Gymnasium „Lycée Bilingue de Baleng“ Bafoussam-Kamerun Helfer im Weserstadion: Kuchendienst Seit Okt. 2011 Besondere Kenntnisse EDV Rechnungswesen Seit März 2011 MS. Office: MS.Word, MS.Excel Software Sage Saari Führerschein Soziales Engagement  Sänger im afrikanischen Chor DOI LA AFRICA in Bremen. Der Chor tritt bei verschiedenen...

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German Concentration Camps

...Concentration camps in the Nazi regime * in the years of the Nazi regime there were between 400 and 1200 camps → not all death camps * before the war really began the camps were built for political prisoners of Hitler´s reign * the two main kinds of camps were: * the concentration-/work camps in which the prisoners had to do very exhausting jobs until they were too weak to work or died * the death camps where people simply were killed, mostly by gasification → in both kinds of camps there were big violations against human rights * the German industry also benefitted from the work camps because the prisoners sometimes also made things for firms * between 1933 and 1945 about 3.5 million Germans had to spend their time in a concentration camp * most of the camps were built in Poland because most of the Jews lived there and it wasn´t too far away from the eastern battlefields so it was logistically easier to transport Jews and POWs (which means Prisoners Of War) * the camp leaders decided to mark the different type of prisoners * political prisoners got red bandages; criminals got green; homosexual men pink; purple was for Jehovahs witnesses and of course yellow for Jews * the transport of the prisoners also was very dangerous for them, because in summer it was burning hot inside the small boxcars they were transported in and in winter it was freezing cold so many didn`t even reach the camp * the first camps were liberated...

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Sich Vorstellen

...Vorstellung Guten Tag! Ich heiβe Corentin, ich komme aus Lüttich und wohne in Rouvreux mit meiner Freundin Amélie. ( jamais de „in“1988 en allemand!)Ich wurde/bin Im Jahre 1988 in Lüttich geboren, also bin ich 24 (vierundzwanzig) Jahre alt. Ich habe eine Schwester aber keinen Bruder. Meine Schwester ist 18 (achtzehn) Jahre alt und wohnt immer noch mit unseren Eltern in Beaufays. Meine Mutter ist Architektin in Chaudfontaine und mein Vater arbeitet bei der TEC in Lüttich (er ist Busfahrer). Meine kleine Schwester möchte eine Grundschullehrerin werden. Derzeit studiere ich Geschichte an der Universität Lüttich. Ich möchte mich besonders/vor allem mit den mittelalterlichen und Burgundischen Geschichten befassen. Ich habe schon einen Bachelorabschluss in Graphik von der Hochschule Saint-Luc in Lüttich. Als Hobby mag ich mittelalterliche Rekonstruktion. Ich begeistere mich auch für die graphische Kunst. Ich liebe die Kunst von (den) vierzehnten und fünfzehnten Jahrhunderten. Ich lese viele Geschichtsbücher oder noch Science-Fiction. Ich liebe besonders Alternativweltgeschichten und Zukunftsromane. Ich sehe viele Serien fern. Betreffend den Sport fahre ich gern Schi im Winter und schwimme ich gern im Sommer. Schlieβlich zeichne ich sehr gern. Ich zeichne auch sehr gern Tierskelette am Aquarium Lüttichs. Über das Essen esse ich alles und besonders italienisches und japanisches Essen. Ich liebe Sushi und roher Fisch. Mit meiner Freundin Amélie gehen wir oft in japanischen...

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...Ihr Gründer war Edward Zane Judson (1820–1886), besser bekannt als Ned Buntline. Der Name stammte daher, dass ihre Mitglieder den Eid schworen, in der Öffentlichkeit nicht viel Geheimnisse über die Partei preiszugeben (Englisch: to know nothing); sollten sie zu der Partei von Externen gefragt werden, sollten sie antworten: „Ich weiß von nichts.“[1] Sie gründeten die Freimaurerloge Order of the Star Spangled Banner.[2] Zu dieser hatten nur protestantische Männer, englischer Herkunft Zugang. Ein weiterer Vorläufer war der Order of the United Americans.[3] Der Hauptzweck der Partei war die Bekämpfung des Einflusses der Einwanderer und der Katholischen Kirche. Es kam häufiger zu Übergriffen von Mitgliedern der American Party gegen Katholiken, vor allem gegen Iren, aber auch gegen katholische Deutsche. Wahlkampfposter von 1856 mit den Kandidaten Millard Fillmore (links) und Andrew Jackson Donelson Die bereits 1842 gegründete Zeitschrift The Native American formierte die Bewegung der Nativisten. Die Gesellschaft, 1854 organisiert, ging aus der 1835 gegründeten Native American Association hervor, schien anfangs, mit den Demokraten überstimmend, eine bedeutende politische Rolle zu spielen. In diversen Bundesstaaten wurden Knownothings in den Kongress gewählt, darunter der spätere US-Senator Joshua Hill aus Georgia sowie Nathaniel Prentiss Banks, später Sprecher des Repräsentantenhauses, Gouverneur von Massachusetts und im Bürgerkrieg ein General der Union. Als ihr eigens...

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Learn German

...Nominativ und Akkusativ |The woman sees the girl. |The woman is the subject and is nominative. | |  |the girl is the direct object and is accusative. | |The girl sees the woman. |The girl is the subject and is nominative. | |  |the woman is the direct object and is accusative. | |George W. Bush is the President. |George W. Bush is the subject and is nominative. | |  |the President is ALSO nominative because it follows “to be” (is). | |Nominative              | |  |Definite |Indefinite | |Masc. |Der Tisch ist braun. |Das ist ein Tisch. | |Fem. |Die Lampe ist neu. |Das ist eine Lampe. | |Neut. |Das Fenster ist offen. |Das ist ein Fenster. | |Plural |Die Bücher sind interessant. |Das sind keine Bücher. | All of the nouns above are in the nominative case because they are ...

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Judith Butler Gendersensibles Lernen

...Hälften besser vernetzt. So reagieren männliche Babys intensiver auf Mobiles, weibliche finden Gesichter spannender. Jungen verfügen beispielsweise über ein ausgeprägteres Vorstellungs- und Orientierungsvermögen, während Mädchen sprachlich versierter sind und sich besser in andere Menschen hineinversetzten können (Röll, Iris; Schwarze-Reiter, Kathrin 2009). Doch Geschlecht wird heute kaum noch als etwas gänzlich eindeutiges und fremdbestimmtes verstanden. Es wird davon ausgegangen, dass Gene und die Umwelt die geschlechtliche Entwicklung gleichermaßen bestimmen. Generell wird das biologische und das soziale Geschlecht unterschieden. Das biologische Geschlecht, Englisch "Sex", meint die chromosomale, hormonale, gonadale Geschlechtlichkeit sowie die äußeren und inneren Genitalien; während das soziale Geschlecht, Englisch "Gender", das Geschlechtsrollenverhalten bezeichnet, bestehend aus sexuellem Erleben und Verhalten, der Geschlechtsidentifikation und der verinnerlichten Geschlechtsrollenmuster, nach denen sich orientiert wird (Gerede e.V. 2012). Im Gegensatz zu Sex wird Gender als ein gesellschaftliches Konstrukt verstanden. Geschlechterrollenverhalten wird von Kindesalter an unter Einfluss verschiedener Sozialinstanzen wie Familie, Schule und Freundeskreis herausgebildet und durch die Erwartungen der Umwelt geformt. Das Denken in zwei...

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Hrm in Germany

...Personalwesen (auch Personalwirtschaft, Personalmanagement; englisch Human Resource Management, Abkürzung HRM) bezeichnet den Bereich der Betriebswirtschaft, der sich mit dem Produktionsfaktor Arbeit und mit dem Personal auseinandersetzt. Das Personalwesen ist eine in allen Organisationen vorhandene Funktion, deren Kernaufgaben die Bereitstellung und der zielorientierte Personaleinsatz sind[1]. In der Personalpraxis beziehen viele Unternehmen außer den Themen Führungsprozess und Geschäftsprozess auch die Interaktionsthematik sowie die Aktion und Emotion des Personals ein. Modernes Personalmanagement zielt – unter Einbeziehung von Aspekten der Sozial- und Umweltverträglichkeit – auf nachhaltigen Erfolg ab. Dazu werden die Erkenntnisse, Methoden und Instrumente des Qualitätsmanagements (TQM, EFQM) und der Corporate Governance angewandt. Nachhaltiger Erfolg bedeutet für die Personalabteilung der Zukunft Werterhaltung und Wertschöpfung auf lange Sicht. Dafür müssen sowohl die Bedürfnisse der Shareholder als auch der Stakeholder berücksichtigt werden. Um Unternehmensziele zu erreichen, bedarf es zielorientierter Maßnahmen und Ressourcenplanung im Personalbereich und einer geeigneten Unternehmenskultur. Die konkrete Ausgestaltung der einzelnen Bereiche im individuellen Unternehmen wird auch Personalpolitik genannt. Im Rahmen der Unternehmenspolitik werden somit das Verhalten und die Handlungsweise zur Erreichung der betrieblichen Ziele bestimmt. Zum Teil werden derartige Bestimmungen...

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