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6Week/Date | Topic/Activity | Homework | Week 69/10 | - Introduction to Argumentation- Writing a letter of complaint | - Complete your letter of complaint- Familiarize yourself with APA style by reading pgs. 200-216 and 220-222 in Essay Essentials- Read “Making the Argument” from the Essay Essentials website: click here. | Week 716/10 | - Open book quiz: APA Style- Good Arguments VS Bad Arguments- Organizing an argument; making a reverse outline- Selecting debate groups and begin debate prep | - Complete your assigned role for the debate (researching or speech writing) | INTERSESSION WEEK: NO CLASS 23/10 | Week 830/10 | - Debate Day - time allocated for final debate prep - hold debate | - Complete your Persuasive Essay | END OF UNIT TWO: PERSUASIVE ESSAY DUE 6/11 | Week 96/11 | - Defining the research essay- Evaluating research sources- Summarizing, paraphrasing and quoting | - Watch the GBC Plagiarism tutorial: click here. | Week 1013/11 | - How to Research: Field trip to GBC Library | - Complete the “Refine Your Thesis” annotated bibliography template and an essay outline- Submit your grammar questions | Week 1120/11 | - Plagiarism Quiz- GrammarOnDemand! - Instructor-student meetings: bring annotated bibliography template and your essay outline | | Week 1227/11 | - Instructor-student meetings: bring your annotated bibliography template and your essay outline | - Complete your Research Essay |

END OF UNIT THREE: RESEARCH ESSAY DUE 6/12 | Week 13 4/12 | - Take Home Exams distributed | - Complete and upload your Take Home Exam by 11:59 pm on 6/12 |



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...Side 2 Tamara Buie and Keri Means 1st Draft Question 1: Should vaccinations be compulsory? Vaccinations should not be compulsory. Parents should be able to decide whatever they choose is best for their children, as long as they are not being abused. The government should not be involved in parenting decisions. Vaccines are not always effective and can lose potency over time. There are legitimate reasons for parents to not vaccinate. Question 2: Should unvaccinated people be blamed for the outbreak at Disneyland? Unvaccinated people should not be to blame for the outbreak at Disneyland. The outbreak at Disneyland could have easily been spread by someone that had the vaccine 35 years prior and had the virus in their system, but wasn’t showing symptoms. There have been studies showing that vaccines lose their effectiveness over time. Also, people can develop autoimmune diseases that can make the vaccine less potent. Question 3: How relevant are gender and age in terms of vaccinations? Could there be an argument concerning discrimination (particularly as it deals with HPV vaccinations)? Gender and age are irrelevant in terms of vaccinations. There is not an argument concerning discrimination. Vaccines should have nothing to do with age, gender, or any discriminatory issue. The only thing that should be the point is letting responsible adults decide what they believe is best for their family, not what others believe. Question 4: What...

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...Vaccines aren’t bad It could be much more than a common cold, or it may just be a cold. How are you to know through? Take your children to the doctor and get them vaccinated, and you could avoid a lot of stress. Do you want a major disease to spread just because you wouldn’t vaccinated your children? There are so many lives that are put in danger over one thing. It can help save your country and many other countries from going into financial deficit, because a disease is spreading fast. The parents that refuse to vaccinate their children need to be at least fined, until they understand the importance of vaccinating their children. Individuals that have a higher risks of getting horrible diseases need to be protected. The chance of a baby catching a disease is so high because they haven’t been exposed to anything (CDC).There are also people with really weak immune systems. Children with cancer and adults cannot handle even the smallest of colds (CDC). There are so many diseases that are spread just by touch and show no symptoms at all (CDC). Measles are an example of a disease that is enough to concern the whole community (CDC). These people can’t help that they can’t handle diseases, but you can. The United States and many other countries can benefit financially by immunizing their citizens. Studies have estimated to save more than one dollar for every five dollars spent on vaccinations (Armstrong, Edward). Almost every disease either approached or exceeded ninety percent reduction...

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