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Entrepreneur Interview
Interviewee’s name: Bob Anderson
Designation: CEO of Element Bars
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Part 1
Interviewee’s name: Bob Anderson
Designation: CEO of Element Bars
Me: Thank you for taking out time for this interview. Please tell me how you became an entrepreneur and what encouraged you to start your own business?
Anderson: My passion encouraged me to start up my own business of energy bars. Since college, I was consuming energy bars but soon I realized that these energy bars are not very healthy and what they need is organic ingredient. This innovative idea was not present in the market at that time and this give me the competitive edge to start my own business.
Me: That sounds interesting but you must have faced some problems in the start of the business. What were your options of raising capital?
Anderson: Raising capital for a young entrepreneur like myself, is a difficult thing to do and it is one of the major problems which I faced when I started the Elements Bar company. An entrepreneur has three choices, whether to ask his family for money, friends for investment or to gain approval from an angel investor. Now the main problem with angel investor is that, they would invest in your company but they would do that by buying out a stake in your company and you would lose the freedom to make decisions on your own.
Me: What do you think is the factor which contributed the most in your success?
Anderson: The factor which contributed the most in my company’s success is the focus on customer satisfaction. Before launching organic energy bars, I made sure that customers want such a product. Now, after six months, customers are satisfied with our product because we have put in our best efforts to give them what they expect.
Me: Your journey till here has been successful and a learning experience for you too. What would you advice young people out there, who want to start their own businesses?
Anderson: My advice to every individual who wants to start their own business, is to always do something which they are passionate about. Passion kept me interested in my business and it’s the important factor for success.

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