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Environmental Laws and Regulations Exercise


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1. Identify areas of environmental concerns.
- Air pollution
- Water pollution
-Archeological/ cultural site damage
-Threatened/ endangered species
- Damage to vegetation 2. Identify mission-related environmental risks.
- Accidents and breakdowns
- Fuel and Hazardous Material Spills during refueling
- Hazardous Material spills from vehicle maintenance
- Digging in sensitive and restricted areas
- Water pollution
- Litter and debris
-Erosion from vehicle maneuver damage
-Oil and greasy bilge from bridge erection
-Endangered species habitats and archeological sites 3. Identify potential effects of environmental factors on missions and operations.
- Long term damage to topography and soil
- Long term contamination of soil from fuels and oil products
-Long term contamination of surface and underground water sites
-Environmental impact on vegetation and wildlife
-Damage to archaeological and historical sites
-Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Material disposal and potential cleanup requirements Solution:
The unit leaders must consider the environmental consequences of their actions and ensure the unit follows environmental guidelines set forth in the unit's standing operating procedure (SOP). The unit's command team and all subordinate leaders must identify the areas of environmental concerns, the mission-related environmental risks, the potential of environmental factors on the mission and operations. After identifying the risks factors and concerns the unit leaders should seek alternative training scenarios and techniques to be used in order to reduce the environmental footprint on the training area. The unit must ensure that they have Hazardous Material and Waste policies in their SOP and how to implement a turn in point for Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Materials. If any spills happen the unit must have a cleanup roster and ensure that

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