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Reflection assignment
In this assignment I will be using the Gibbs Reflective Model, reference, to reflect on an incident that occurred in placement that demonstrates an understanding of the Outcome :
3.1: Demonstrate that they respect diversity and individual preferences and value differences, regardless of their own personal views.
To do this I will first, briefly describe the event, supporting my outline with relevant information. I will then explore the event, and discuss why it is important and how it relates to the learning outcome. I will also be discussing why materials such as law and guidelines say this is important. I will then proceed to analyse the incident by breaking it down and picking out the main features of the experience, discussing why they are important, whilst linking the main points together. I will attempt to think about opposing arguments to what I have explored, and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the arguments. Finally I will be using SMART goals, to create an action plan for future development.
Explain incident with evidence
Whilst on a shift, we had an elderly patient arrive on the ward. The patient suffered from a Frank Haematuria, Colovesciular fistula as well as incontinence. It was suggested that the patient received surgery to have this corrected, but the patient refused surgery, stating that at his age he did not want to go through with it, and wanted to put a DNAR in place. I along with the other nurses respected his choice, and continued to treat him equal to other patients. The surgeons were persistent in their persuasion of the and due to their ethos “to cure all sick” (check what it actually is!) continued to attempt to talk the patient into the surgery, explaining the procedure, and the benefits of it to him. This began to frustrate the patient, and he expressed that he felt that he was not being listened to, and his choices were not being respected.

Explore- why is it important, how does it relate to assignment, highlight most important aspect, (individual differences) descrivbe why theory, policy, law etc says its important

AnALYSE- BREAK DOWN incident to the important points to examine them in detail (choice+???)


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