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Epc Industry in India: Issues and Challenges


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EPC Industry in India: Issues and Challenges

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Chemtech Foreword KPMG Foreword Executive Summary Acronyms Used Methodology Coverage and Scope Setting the Context Value Creation Strategies Key External Drivers and Issues Key Internal Issues End-Use Industry Views EPC Industry in India Action Agenda for Sustained Growth Acknowledgements About Chemtech About KPMG in India 48 51 52 52 2 3 4 4 8 8 10 17 22 29 33

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EPC Industry in India: Issues and Challenges

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CHEMTECH Foreword trong infrastructure and industry are critical for India as the country sees leapfrogging growth. As far as both these sectors are concerned, India is in a sweet spot, which has created multitude of opportunities in the fields of engineering, capital goods and construction.


Though, India has witnessed significant investments in both industrial and infrastructure space, the growth has remained restricted due to various weaknesses of the Indian EPC industry and difficulties for the foreign players to ply in the market. Jasu Shah Founder & Chairman, CHEMTECH Foundation At this juncture, it is an imperative to address the challenges, which restrict the growth of this sector in India and will continue to repress industrial development lest addressed. CHEMTECH has made an attempt to address the issues faced by the EPC industry through each edition of its international conference, EPC World Expo. Renowned speakers from world over have deliberated over the topical issues that must be resolved to accelerate the development of India’s EPC sector, which would eventually lead to country’s sustainable economic growth. As we reach another milestone year with 25th edition of CHEMTECH series of expositions and international conferences, Jasubhai Media and KPMG have

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