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The great Chicago fire was one of the most deadliest fires. Some people believe that Louis H Cohn , peg leg started it . But natural causes had something to do with it. According to -what started the great Chicago fire?- it states that it was hot that summer of 1871. The bustling city of Chicago sweltered under the heat of the Sun and very little rain fell to alleviate the severe drought that consumed the city. They also said that Fires were a common occurrence, thanks to swirling winds, the dry conditions, and the fact that most of the city was made of wood.
This shows that natural causes started the great Chicago fire.

Drought There was a drought, dry weather conditions. In the passage Chicago fire of 1871, it says In “October 1871, dry weather and an abundance of wooden buildings, streets and sidewalks made Chicago vulnerable to fire.” So the two words dry and weather means there was a drought. What else could it mean..In some articles , it said there was a drought and in droughts there barely is water anywhere. When the fire started , they had to go in the carriage with only TWO horses. They had to …show more content…
In the article Could a comet have caused the Great Chicago Fire of 1871?, it said “ It was a rain of fire and terror as the wood buildings burned to the ground.” Wood can easily be burnt . so wood is very easy to set on fire, and it can spread fast! Like in forests fires , they spread tree to tree. And when Chicago was burning, it might of been just like that. The fire also could've spreaded to trees and other trees and could of caught some other buildings on fire. So this is one thing that might have something to do with the great Chicago fire . Just think about it , fire and wood can go together and literally start a ginormous fire. Could have peg leg started it ? I don't think so because he LITERALLY had a wooden leg! How can he run to the barn in 200 feet , sprinted.. but who

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