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Essay On Health Care Disparities

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Health Care Disparities:
Central of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defined heal disparities as “the differences in health outcomes and their causes among group of people.” These differences are closely linked with some racial and ethnic minorities, such as social, economic, and/or environmental (CDC, 2011). Health disparities are the metrics used to measure the health equity, where health equity represents providing qualified health care services for different groups of populations regardless there race, ethnicity, sex, sexual identity, age, disability, socioeconomic status, and geographic location (Georges, Benjamin, 2015). In the U.S. health care disparities is one of the longstanding health challenges with severe influences not only …show more content…
Those are still experienced some higher rates of certain disease, chronic or infectious, disability, and even mortality. Beside lower quality of care they have, African Americans have 1.6 times higher rate of premature death than white Americans, with higher disability rate. On other hand, older American Indians and Alaska Natives have the highest rate of disability, high mortality rate, and low life expectancies among all other population (NCBI, 2003). Furthermore, Hispanic population has higher infant mortality rates, adult death due to diabetes, and also shows less rate of certain preventive care, such as pneumococcal vaccination. Health disparities can be seen even between same ethnicity, such as the health care differences among Hispanics based on language and immigration status (Kaiser family foundation, 2017)). Moreover, although many Americans have access to health insurance through the Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act, still African Americans are twice as non-Hispanic white to be insured. Unfortunately, a study which was published in the Maternal and Child Health Journal has been shown that many black women felt that they were treated differently and not received a quality prenatal care due to their race and based on the type of insurance they have (Georges, Benjamin, 2015). Therefore, disparities issue can affect individual through his/her life course, from birth and

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Essay On Health Care Disparities

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