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They help people every day, they are all around us, they look like everyone else, and there numbers are growing. They are physicians assistants. Physicians assistants work in clinics and hospitals to help people with either minor or major injuries. Physician's assistants are necessary to primary health care and hospitals everywhere; hospitals, clinics and people in general need physician's assistants to help and take care of patients in every area of the medical field. The physician's assistant profession was created about 50 years ago. It was created by a man named Eugene Stead in 1960 at Duke university (Andrew). The profession did not have the best of starts however. Even though it was created in 1960, the first course was not created …show more content…
According to the Mayo Clinic physician's assistant is in charge of many jobs like taking medical histories, order and interpret laboratory test and X-rays. Physicians assistants can also examine, diagnose and treat patients. Physicians assistant does all hours. A physician's assistant hours of work can depend on where they work and what area of the medical field ( A physician's assistant can work late into the night or all day. So two physician's assistants could work completely different jobs and …show more content…
The projected growth for a physician's assistant is 38% by the year 2022 ( The physician's assistant profession is currently the third fastest growing profession according the The biggest leap is with the number of physicians assistants in an institutional setting ( With the increasing number of physicians assistants that also means that there is an increasing number of schools that carry the PA program ( With the more schools that carry the program that mean there will be more and more physicians assistants in the

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