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Zodiac Book Report

The book Zodiac by Robert Graysmith told a story about a man who made anyones nightmares turn into a reality. The Zodiac is very much alike the urban legends, but in real life. Graysmith wrote about the killer that “got off” to killing his “prey” as he referred to it in the book. The Zodiac found pleasure in stalking his victims and attacking them when they least expected it. He would dress up in his paper bag to cover his face, only to kill innocent people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Tieing up and pretending to rob a couple, them coming back and stabbing them to death in front of each other, one over 20 times. Then leaving the money and the car keys with them when he left, he didn’t want the money or the car. He just wanted the thrill of killing another human being. He would damage single woman's vehicles, making their batteries die or causing their tires to fall off just so they could look towards him for assistance, and he would get them to get in his car with him so he could take them and kill them. Couples on Lover’s Lane were killed without warning and cab drivers were shot after arriving at …show more content…
Graysmith started getting interested in the case after the Zodiac started sending letters to the Chronicle. He done a really good job of explaining when, where, and who got hurt during the crimes. Graysmith's produces smart insights, like when he came up with the idea that the Zodiac probably traced the character that he used for his ciphers over a grid, his reasoning was because no human can naturally write that straight. Which he then concluded that all of the Zodiac’s handwriting was traced and it wasn't his real handwriting. Some of the things that Graysmith says makes you doubt his theories sometimes, "Was Zodiac being unconsciously dominated by the

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