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How Cats And Mice Became Enemies

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Do you want to know why cats and rats/mice are enemies? Well, if you are wondering, this essay will explain is from two different stories and show how they are different. One legend is “Cat and Rat: Legend of the Chinese Zodiac” and in this story all the animals in the land are racing to have a year in the Chinese Zodiac named after them. The other story, “How Cats and Mice Became Enemies” tells about how Cat and Mouse are crossing the river and mouse accidentally sinks the boat. I’m going to compare and contrast these two books in this essay. In this paragraph I will tell you a small summary of each story. In “Cat and Rat: Legend of the Chinese Zodiac” all of the animals in the land are racing to see who will get named on the Chinese calendar

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Comparing The Story 'How Cats And Mice Became Enemies' has known about cats and mice, the two creatures have never got along. Cats have always been chasing and killing mice. The “Legend of Cat and Mouse and the “Story of Cats and Mice becoming enemies tell you about how they became enemies and that one time cats and mice were friends until the mouse makes cat mad. I believe that both the legend and story are more alike because they tell a similar tale, the cat is angry with the mouse and they cross a river. These both happen in both the legend and story. The legend “The Cat and Rat Legend” by Ed Young is about a race of all the animals in a kingdom. The cat and rat were once best friends until the race came. The cat and mouse got a ride over the river because they knew that...

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