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Private citizen should not be able to keep dangerous or exotic animals as pets these animals are not fit to be held in proper “domestic areas”; they are also classified by many sources as a threat to Public Safety as well as being “dangerous” as stated by the prompt. These animals are also grossly “expensive”, time-consuming, and carry large responsibilities. We cannot allow these pets to be introduced to our society, for the good of the pets, and the welfare of our nation.

Furthermore we cannot allow these dangerous exotic pets into our society because of the notion that they are dangerous. The article “Do You Really Want a Baby Tiger?” states that When these exotic animals grow up, that “an adult animal is also likely to be aggressive and have more difficult behaviors then a baby tiger.” This article also states, that quote they are wild animals with wild animal instincts, even when born in captivity.” We cannot have American cities and suburbs teaming with wild animals. These exotic and dangerous animals …show more content…
The article “do you really want a baby tiger?” shows us that “if keeping a dog or cat can be time-consuming and costly, that's nothing compared to looking after an adult lion or chimpanzee.” They show us that it's not just the food and vets bills although those can indeed be considerable, but keeping these animals also includes building a sturdy cage or enclosure that is the correct size, but also that “you will need to be able to devote a large portion of your time to learning about the animal and its needs.” and that you also need to keep in mind that ownership is a “lifetime commitment”, an adult chimpanzee can live to be 65 years of age. Most normal people cannot keep up with this demanding need, so we cannot allow private citizens to take on this

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