Ethic Issues

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Jordan Gentry
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October 30, 2015

Henry’s Daughters: Ethic Issues
1. Prioritize the examples of ethical issues you found from most critical to least critical. Include some explanation to justify your choices.
There were a wide range of ethical issues that were brought out in this video clip. Many of them I didn’t recognize nor don’t remember but I did see a few examples of sexual harassment, decisions based on politics and social influences, conflicts of interest, bribery, invasion of privacy, and people taking credit for other people’s work and ideas.
Sorting by most critical to least critical I would say that the politics and social influences were the most critical. From the beginning it shows Henry on a yacht bribing someone from DOT to choose GUIDEME. Henry is only worried about person gain and interests and doesn’t seem to have the benefit of the public in mind at all. The oldest daughter, Laura, quickly figures this out and points out that there isn’t even a competition between GUIDEME and OUTOCAR because GUIDEME has already been decided by Henry’s bribe and influence. The next (2nd) issue I would say is the conflict of interest. Not only does Henry know a lot of people to persuade and ask favors from but he also used that power to hire his daughter’s on the project. He could use Laura to help persuade DOT with the final decision but he could also use Julie to get inside information about the work that OUTOCAR was doing. He wanted to make sure that GUIDEME won the contract no matter what. Another example of the conflict of interest is the fact that Julie and Laura live together. In the situation that they are in this isn’t a good thing due to the fact that critical information can get shared and Julie works for one of the teams that Laura has to decide to hire or not. Th next (3rd) critical issue I was sexual harassment. We…...