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Ethical Pornography

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Ethical Pornography

SOC 120: Introduction to Ethics and Social Responsibility
May 2, 2015

As a child you are told at a very young age that you can be anything and do anything that you want to do. Normal answers we would expect to hear from our children are I want to become a doctor, lawyer, veterinarian, football star, or maybe even a soldier. What we do not expect to come out any child’s mouth is that I want to be in the pornography business. It is not the norm of what a child wants to be when they grow up, nor is it something you dream about becoming as a child. Some people are forced into this business and yes while some choose to be in this business, you might want to question what made this your only choice? There are so many opinions on what pornography actually is and what it has become. Some people look at it as the most repulsive thing on the face of this earth while others view it as an art form, a simply way to express oneself. The question I pose is taking away legalities, religious points of views, and perceptions what do we have, I ask what moral issues does this cause?
Many ethical arguments have been conducted over the years as to whether or not pornography in anyway is a moral boundary that has been crossed. Going into the different views of pornography poses both a debate within the communities dealing with Ethical relativism as well as Deontological Ethics. In regards to ethical relativism the simple definition of the term is that there are no moral certainties and that instead of right and wrong being a moral issue it is based on an issue that is what is socially acceptable. This is where I believe that some of the arguments begin. It has become socially acceptable for someone to participate in an act, sexual intercourse, which once was kept very discreet to now be viewed in the public eye. You also have to look at was become...

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