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Ethiopi Landlocked Country In Northeastern Africa

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Ethiopia is a landlocked country located in Northeastern Africa, also known as the Horn of Africa, which has a total area of 1,221,900 square kilometers. Ethiopia is bordered by Kenya to the south, Somalia to the east, Eritrea to the northeast, and Sudan to the West. The country largely consists of high plateaus. The highest peak is Ras Dashen in the Bale Mountains. The Rift Valley separates the western and eastern highlands. The biggest rivers in Ethiopia are Blue Nile, Awash, Baro, Omo, Tekkeze, Wabe Shebelle, and Genale.
The regions near Somalia climate are similar to a desert atmosphere. The lower basin features hot, swampy tropical conditions, while the highlands have an Alpine climate. The majority of the population lives in highland

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