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Evaluate the Role of Practitioners and Others in Supporting and Safeguarding Helena. You Should Refer to Risks and Legislations as Well as Lqfs (10 Marks).

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Evaluate the role of practitioners and others in supporting and safeguarding Helena.
You should refer to risks and legislations as well as LQFs (10 marks).
A counsellor is somebody Helena can talk to about her problems and will provide her with emotional support. They can do this by providing strategies to help her come to terms with her feelings. She will be able to release stress and feelings of unhappiness to the counsellor in which they are willing to hear so they may be able to give help. A counsellor may refer Helena to other practitioners, such as GPs, social services if they believe that she isn’t safe or needs help that they cannot provide her with, such as medication. GPs may provide Helena with treatment for any health issues she may have/risk getting, such as depression, anxiety, anger, anorexia etc. Many young carers are prone to developing health issues due to stress, unhappiness etc. If the GP believes that the Helena cannot cope with the stress of being a young carer and is in serious danger for many reasons they may refer Helena to social services. Social services can provide Helena’s mother with another carer that will help Helena by relieving stress and anxiety when she is at school (so she doesn’t think her mother will not be able to cope without her and feel guilty for leaving her on her own) and will also be able to give Helena more time to concentrate on school work and have some social/free time. Social services can also provide Helena’s mother with respite care, which is temporary institutional care of a sick, elderly, or disabled person, providing relief for their usual carer. This will relieve Helena duties of caring for her mother and give her time to rest, socialise, come to terms with her feelings etc. Social services can also help Helena with giving her someone to talk to and give her emotional support. If things get out of hand and...

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