Evaluation of a Code of Ethics

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Evaluation of a Business Code of Ethics
Holly Danielle Murphy
PHL 323 Ethics in Management
September 20, 2010
Mary Carter

Evaluation of a Business Code of Ethics
The code of ethics for InnerCity Broadcasting Company may be found in any business as its code is very standard. In this paper I will identify the ethical system at play within InnerCity Broadcasting Company and discuss how the code of ethics is used within the organization. The paper will also identify the type of ethical system at play within the organization and include information in regard to the different departments and the code of ethics. Each member of the company will need to understand the entire code of ethics; however, they will find different uses for this code within his or her duties. Additionally, modification of the code of ethics will be discussed and any amendments will be identified accordingly. Finally, the reaction to the new amendments of the code of ethics by both management and employees will be discussed.
The company was founded by Percy Sutton who purchased the first owned African American radio station in 1971. He believed that the best way to empowerment was through the media and politics (HarlemTorch, n.d.). According to InnerCity Broadcasting Company (2010), the mission statement of InnerCity Broadcasting Company states: “Our primary focus is on entertaining and informing our listeners and helping advertisers to better understand the benefits of promoting their products and service to the multicultural audiences we speak to everyday” (para. 2). This statement heads the company’s code of ethics with topics ranging from personal appearance to workplace violence. The company’s code of ethics and their ethical system is a goal-based ethical system. In a goal-based ethical system, there is additional focus on the outcome or final purpose and in this instance, the final…...