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Evidence Tracking

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Evidence Tracking
Properly handling evidence is critical to crime solving, improper deviations to the handling can make it impossible to prosecute using the evidence collected. This paper will outline will track the evidence from a chosen crime scene through all the proper handling processes. This paper will describe the chosen crime scene scenario, describe the collected evidence and proper collection, recording of the evidence, chain of evidence, processing, interpretation methods, preservation of the evidence, proper presentation methods for different types of evidence, and the consequences of mishandling the evidence collected.
The Crime and Processing Protocols
The chosen crime scene scenario is a sexual assault; the first responding officer will have been notified of a possible rape and traveled to an apartment complex at 306 Timber Road, Apartment 12-B to investigate. Upon arrival, the first crime scene procedure is to make sure the crime scene is safe and the possible offender has been arrested or is no longer on the scene. If the struggle were still occurring, this would be the point to render aid. The next procedure would be to determine the extent of the crime and to secure the scene from intrusion to preserve any evidence. It is important for the responding officer to keep their superiors informed of their activities. At this point the responding officer will touch nothing and document all of their observations and actions, if the scene had been disturbed in any way while rendering aid, they should make note of this (National Institute of Justice, n.d.). In most cases the responding officer would wait for the investigating officer and crime scene crew to arrive to process the scene. (Osterburg & Ward, 2010).
Types of Evidence While speaking to the victim, the officer must be sure a crime has really been committed and to get the facts: when, where,

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