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Evil In The Crucible

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“The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary; men alone are quite capable of every wickedness.” - Joseph Conrad In The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, the whole town is captivated by paranoia. This play is based on the Salem witchcraft trials of 1692 in a small Puritan town in Massachusetts. When a young girl named Betty Parris falls ill, the entire village suspects witchcraft. Even though Betty’s cousin, Abigail Williams, recognizes that the illness is the result of fear and not black magic, she begins blaming innocent people of collaborating with the devil. This quote by Joseph Conrad expresses his thought that a supernatural source of evil is not necessary and that humankind is entirely capable of the depravity in …show more content…
After all, Parris is the one who walks into the forest and catches Tituba leading Abigail and the other town girls in dance. Once Parris’ daughter, Betty, is caught dancing in the forest, she falls ill and all he is trying to do is protect his own reputation within the village. Parris is to blame for pointing his finger at other people to make sure there is no blemishes on his name and the townspeople don’t accuse him for what is happening. Although Parris may seem like he is to blame, Abigail and Judge Danforth are more culpable. If Abigail had not been dancing in the forest, Reverend Parris would not have had anything to discover. Also, as if the town isn’t in mass hysteria already, Abigail keeps accusing others and creates even more excitement. It is the official in the court that signs citizens to death. This court is mainly represented by Judge Danforth. Despite the fact that Danforth doesn’t create the delirium within the town, he is liable for the wrongful, tragic deaths that it leads to. In the end, Judge Danforth and Abigail Williams are more culpable for the tragedies during the Salem witchcraft trials of …show more content…
The preservation of his own name is more important to him than protecting the lives of the innocent. When Mary tries to confess the truth he says firmly, “You will confess yourself or you will hang! Do you know who I am? I say you will hang if you do not open with me!” (Miller 1313). Mary Warren was attempting to do the right thing and not disobey Proctor, but also not make Abigail want go against her. All Danforth could do was threaten her to protect himself. This proves that Danforth is willing to end an innocent life just to make sure the town does not doubt his authority and his previous decisions. Judge Danforth and Abigail Williams prolonged the tragedies of the Salem witchcraft trials of 1692. The tragedies within this play are despicable. It is tragic when people get away with with as many lies and manipulations as Abigail did and Judge Danforth was too self-obsessed to accept the truth. While reading The Crucible people can learn how much a lie, even a small one, can affect everyone around you on larger

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