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Plebeians: Bricklayer

Bricklayers are part of the plebeians social class. They are ordinary citizens of Ancient Rome, who was in charge of laying bricks and other construction jobs. Bricklayers wore tunic for which it is convenient and comfortable to wear when working. They lived in apartments which was not luxurious. People were crowded into one room, and had to transport their water in from the local fountain. There would be no toilets; they had to use the public bathrooms.They would cook, sleep, and eat in the single room, with several people inside. A bricklayer would start off their day with a light breakfast and then they are off to work. They would work until early afternoon then go a public bath to bathe, and then they would end their day with a meal. As they were an ordinary citizen, bricklayers ate light breakfast and little food throughout the day. But then would have a large supper at the end of the day. Their diet meal consist of bread, fish, vegetables and cheese, but little portion of meat. Bricklayers would socialize and play board games to kill time when they are not working. They responsible for other construction and masonry jobs as well. Bricklayers are important to the empire and society.

Written By: Patricia
Group Members: Kaitlyn, J.P, Vicky, & Czar


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