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Explain Why Guns Should Not Be Allowed In Schools

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Should students, teachers, or any school executive be allowed to carry a gun to school? Guns should be allowed in schools because if somebody is going to walk in the school sending gun threats to frightened students or start firing their weapon. Who is going to protect you through the long five or so minutes, or until he runs out of ammunition? Although some may argue that guns should not be allowed in schools because young adults in school are not mature enough to carry a gun, because of a short disposition, or trying to show out. Students, teachers, or any school executive should be allowed to carry a gun to school to protect their Second Amendment right( right to bear arms), and the right to protect themselves in any public school function, event, or during school hours.

One reason why guns should be allowed in schools, is because in the fifties and sixties young adults were allowed to carry weapons in the truck/car and there have never really been any big problems. Knives were used in schools everyday for everyday uses, and there was never a big problem with bad dispositions. …show more content…
Some may argue that there are other teachers in the school that have a firearm. Is it legal? No, say for instance that you went to a 6A(MASSIVE SCHOOL), and there was only one other person in that school with a gun. By the time the intruder breaks into the school and makes it to a classroom full of young adults or even small children, he could start firing and kill everybody in that classroom. Then move onto the next one until that one teacher gets there. Once he/she does, he/she has a fifty, fifty chance of killing the intruder. But if you had one hundred people in the school with a gun, and the intruder knew it, do you really think he would go in

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