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Columbine High School Shooting Research Paper

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How would you feel if someone you love so dearly went to school one day, a place you thought was safe, and never came back? Well, this happened to many. One day the parents of children sent their children to school and never got to say, “goodbye” or “I love you”. Most likely regretting everything they had done or said to their loved one the day before, or what they did not tell them. Although the Columbine High School Shooting was a tragic event in history, society has benefitted by bringing about school security, practicing evacuation procedures during school, and brought awareness to the issue of gun control.

The Columbine High School Shooting was a tragic event within United States history that occurred on April 20, 1999. The traumatizing …show more content…
For example states, “There was speculation that the two committed the killings because they had been bullied, were members of a group of social outcast, that was fascinated by Goth culture, or had been influenced by video games and music” (History.comStaff). People believed that the two young men who committed the shooting got ideas from these outside sources and caused the death of many innocent students, because of their lack of responsibility. Another example of the effect the bad influences had on these boys is “Klebold and Harris had killed 12 students and a teacher and wounded 20 other people . . . the two teens turned the guns on themselves” (History.comStaff). This proves that the two boys could have had a mental problem, which in the end could have been the cause for the shooting. But others said they did not want to face the punishment and ultimately committed suicide. The original plan of this massacre was supposed to be a bombing however, the bombs never went off (History.comStaff). This quote makes people wonder if they are really crazy, or do they have a mental problem? Those people could argue that they did not want to suffer the consequences, so they committed suicide instead because the bombing would have made the terrorist attack more anonymous. Due to all these reasons many believe it is a hard topic to say gives benefits since the background on the boys is not

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