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Facebook, the Corporation

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Facebook, the Corporation
Joni C.
MGT 344
Dr. D. Hanks
November 28, 2011

When specific principles are implemented in an organization that allow free flow of information, freedom to try out new ideas and innovations, with a positive, open culture, beautiful things happen. This in turn makes for happy employees, which has a huge impact on the company's bottom line.
Facebook is one such company that has attracted countless employees because of the founder's mission, optimism for the future, motivation and empowerment of his employees. His principles will be reviewed in this paper, however, the resources organizations use to grow their business will be discussed first.
Organizational Behavior states that all of the resources that an organization possesses pale in comparison to the capabilities, knowledge and skills that employees bring to the firm. Organizational behavior is defined as the actions of individuals and groups in an organizational context. Those actions are guided by the organization as they focus on acquiring, developing and applying the knowledge and skills of people which is managing organizational behavior. The company can then organize and manage people's knowledge and skills effectively to implement the organization's strategy and gain a competitive edge, known as strategic OB approach. The value a company puts on their largest asset, human capital, can make or break the success of an organization. There are three factors that influence the behavior and the basic value of people within a firm, some of which will be discussed in conjunction with Facebook. Organizational factors include the culture, work environment and adaptability of a firm. Interpersonal factors involve the leadership, communication, decision-making skills and the intra- and intergroup dynamics concerning communication. And individual factors

that have to do with...

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