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Sustainable Solutions Paper
The shifting of a business with the help of information and technology will help companies like Family Dollar conduct their everyday business and make logical decisions when it comes to expanding around the country. How will Family Dollar utilize their existing system to help the business effective and efficient? The development of Family Dollar is its people, the systems they use, and the sustainable business they run. The purpose of writing this paper is to lay out a diagram that will let Family Dollar explore some strategies that are optional to help them nurture the cost added services for the next 5 to 10 years.
The most imperative crucial point of the paper will include the Executive Summary and the systematic approach of Family Dollar and their business strategy. This will come from tools such as the general force analysis and detailed SWOT analysis. The general force analysis will determine the external environments and the Porter’s five forces will determine the external industry environment. The SWOT analysis will see the sights of their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Family Dollar. The paper will also draw attention to Family Dollar’s strategy and how will bring into line the vision and mission of the company
Executive Summary
For more than 60 years, Family Dollar has helped and provided their customers with a lot of worth as well as expediency. Their wholesalers are able to keep their cost down which helps them have the savings that benefit the customers. Family is very devoted to all communities they serve. This is by contributing and the offering of the products they sell. They also support non-profit organizations that strive to improve the excellence of their customers as well as their employees.
The expansion of Family Dollar is its business, the people, and the systems they use to run a

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