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General guide to referencing
2014 edition

From the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Quality)

Many students find learning the unfamiliar nature of academic writing a challenging experience. The puzzling art of referencing is no exception, with its traditions and initially obscure formatting rules, referencing can seem to be an overwhelming and annoying requirement standing between you and submitting your assignment by the due date. This guide has been written especially for you, new and returning Federation University Australia (FedUni) students, to demystify referencing and provide numerous practical examples of when and how referencing should be used in your writing at FedUni. As you study, you’ll come to understand that referencing is just a set of rules that you need to follow to adequately acknowledge the work and thinking of others in your assignments. These rules are important because they allow your teachers to decide whether you’ve demonstrated that you understand the topic at hand and show that you have completed the assignment yourself. If you ignore the requirements to reference source materials in your assignment, your teacher may decide you have committed ‘plagiarism’. This means you have failed to reference according to the rules and in doing so, not demonstrated that you have used the work of others in your work. Plagiarism is a very serious matter that can result in unpleasant consequences for your studies and career. So please take the time to understand the advice we have prepared for you in this guide. Referencing is not just about following the rules; it also provides an elegant and powerful way to add weight to your arguments. Your opinions and conclusions will create more impact if they are supported by leading researchers and writers in your field. Continually improving these skills as you continue your studies will serve you well

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